Hover Attack

Hover Attack

 Hover Attack is a side-view robot shooter.

 Take control of an attacker with a limited number of bullets and try to destroy the target at the end of the game while killing enemies.

 When you run out of ammunition, you can replenish your supply by combining with your Carrier, and since the game is over even if your Carrier is hit by a certain number of bullets, it is important to keep your Carrier in a safe place.

 The original story was first published in 1984 in the PC magazine I/O (published by Kogaku-sha), and was so popular that it was ported to a number of consoles and later released as a commercial version.

 Many boys have dreamed at one time or another of being the pilot of a robot anime hero, such as Gundam. This game was so popular that it was later released in a much more powerful version, and ports were released for most of the major 8-bit PCs of the time.

“It is more than a one-on-one fighting game but less than a side-scrolling beat ‘em up. The gameplay is unique in that there is a main character Attacker and a Carrier that the Attacker rides, and the two must work together to survive. The enemy can also deploy Attackers and Carriers that must be destroyed.

 The following three versions are included.

  • I/O version (port of the original)

  • Full version (port of the original)

  • The Ultimate Evolution version (a much-arranged version)

 In addition to the I/O version, there is also the Construction yesterday.

 Mods are also supported, so you can create the world you want and play with it.

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game crashes for the most stupid reasons like the light bulb touching something after unpausing or using ctrl+v, but the devs read the discussions soo together the community can fix this, but i dont recommend it yet, wait until it has more content, more interesting saves (that dont break on the next version), and less crashes before buying

i think the game is dead

but indeed it has a interesting concept and i support it, but as i said before, wait until its ready to play

Real player with 28.5 hrs in game

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Nice game. Yes, is like People Playground graphics wise (I don’t have People Playground), but it’s a vehicle building (although I’m pretty sure you can do that in both games), physics based game, not a kill the ragdolls in every way possible. There is a lot of parts to play around with, and in general have fun. It’s still in development and has bugs, but it’s very fun as it is. The devs are also really active in the community, which is really nice.

Real player with 17.1 hrs in game

PixPhys on Steam