ROBO-OH harKs back to the classic days of chiptune music and 16 bit graphics. This game fills out the giant robot fighting game niche i didnt know needed filling. Unique characters like GRANDSKY and MASAMIOH provide not only a refreshing taste of old-school fighters, but leave a lot of room for creativity. Get this game!

Real player with 114.2 hrs in game

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Wonderful NES/Famicom style Fighting game. Lovely pixel art, great music.

Many combo routes,even for different characters, are fairly similar. This may be a drawback of sticking to NES/FC

technical limits,but I wish there was more variety there.

Still very fun to explore the combo system, hopefully it gets expanded on in future updates.

Real player with 66.9 hrs in game

ROBO OH on Steam



In B.I.O.T.A., take control of a commando unit sent to investigate a mining colony that ceased all communication. Survive in 10 completely different environments packed with mutant monsters and deadly traps with the help of a multitude of guns and various crafts, including a mech, a sub and a starship.


It’s year 21XX. You command the Gemini 2 team - a commando unit made up of tough war veterans commissioned by the V-corp, a mega mining corporation. Your task: shed light on strange events that are happening on Frontier Horizon - a small isolated asteroid squeezed in between Mars and Jupiter, and housing a mining station owned by the V-corp.

A new biological organism recently found on the surface of the asteroid, known as “the agent” is able to interact with every element of an ecosystem and change it at its will, taking full control of the organisms. Most of the mineworkers have mutated into horrible monsters, and the scientific team who made this discovery has taken refuge in the tunnels below Frontier Horizon.

Take control of the Gemini II squad by choosing your favourite hero from 8+ and swapping them as needed during this adventure. Explore the sprawling Gemini complex, now home to hostile alien life forms, a multitude of trap-filled corridors, and use all the tools at your disposal - including a bipedal fully-armed mech, offensive submarine and a starfighter class spaceship, among others.

The Retro

All the charm of retro gaming (with breathing signified by two pixels shifting) with the modern-day convenience of saving anywhere, the ability to swap palettes at any time, and a tune so chippy you’ll want to add it to a mixtape for your friends

The Look

Choose your favorite palette from more than 60 available 4-color styles for the most authentic retro feel, and swap each palette as you see fit in the glorious 8-bit visuals

The Aliens

Fight 40+ vicious degenerated monsters from simple, but huge mutated hornets, armed shield sentries to lethal infecting xenoshifters

The Guns

Utilize numerous upgrades and unique unlockable weapons for each character to find the one that suits you the most - be it a sniper-friendly high powered rifle, buckshot loaded shotgun and powerful hand cannon

The Stress Relief

Stress-free rescue system; rest assured that at any moment of the adventure a dedicated key will allow you to save the game and virtually never have to repeat parts already completed

The Exploration

Features a many variations to the classic on-foot gameplay: while exploring you will be able to control a submarine, pilot a mech, a shuttle, jump into a chasm and swing on a rope and pilot the mythical Pegasus, the Gemini II team’s ship

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B.I.O.T.A. on Steam

Panzer Paladin

Panzer Paladin

So yah, it’s pretty good. highly recommend.

The story is easy to follow with its very few cut scenes, of which is reminiscent of 90’s anime like Voltron. The pixel art is fantastic and the soundtrack rocks hard, each song is region appropriate. As well as the demon’s chosen for the boss battles. and the game design is clever.

The swordplay is fact intuitive, throughout the levels you will be picking up a multitude of weapons with different stats and durability. If your break a weapon on a enemy nothing will happen. But if you break the weapon yourself it will cast a spell that will very anything from increasing your attack to a blessing spell.

Real player with 42.5 hrs in game

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This game is a new take on a genre that people in the 90’s grew up with.

I didn’t think I was going to like this game, which is odd considering I actually love this genre.

As of the time of me writing this, I’m only writing based on what I have experienced so far and my thoughts on it. I am nowhere near done with the game so I cannot touch on the Story aspect for this review.

While quite reminiscent of a Metroidvania (as we get tons of those on Steam and other platforms), the game hits close to home for me as it feels more like a Mega Man game than it does anything else. I’m a huge, HUGE Mega Man (X) fan, so this little project made me extremely happy.

Real player with 9.6 hrs in game

Panzer Paladin on Steam

Mecha Destruction

Mecha Destruction

Mecha Destruction - (Beta) is a game where you do exactly what you’d expect - Destroy everything with a giant robot.

You can customize your Mecha to your liking and make it suit your personality or resemble your favorite characters from popular culture.

Then, simply take your Mech and wreak havoc with dynamic building destruction physics and all the fire, rubble and wreckage you could hope for!

Additionally, a simple graphics style allows for great performance and colorful personality in the world.

This game is currently in beta form and is an ongoing project. Currently, there is a single map, many different modifiable mechs and a military dispatched to stop you. Soon to come are a full campaign and story with Kaiju fights and an online Multiplayer mode.

Mecha Destruction on Steam



Deathroids is a great shmup which is heavily inspired by old school conventions of the genre. It plays really well and is challenging enough to keep you coming back to try to improve your score. Last but not least, it has a superb soundtrack

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

IT’S THE FUNNIEST ANGRY WILL EVER FEEL. Let’s face it: a shoot-them-up in space, trying to kill robots that moves extremely erratic throughout the screen, as if they weren’t bothering with inertia or g-force (THEY ARE ROBOTS AFTER ALL) and shooting at you, and chasing you and only a really obsessively assassin A.I. would do it. You gonna die a lot! (or as they say: neutralized) And you gonna feel angry and will keep trying because now it’s personal. You HAVE TO annihilate them!

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Deathroids on Steam



Super difficult! Physics-unfriendly action!

This is an action game in which you move with your hoof.

This robot can’t walk or jump normally.

It just hangs and shifts its weight.

The Z and X keys each correspond to a grab and release motion.

If you accidentally let go and fall off, you have to start over at the checkpoint!

Let’s swing and fall our way to the goal far beyond!

You’re welcome to play and stream live!

All 9 stages


Dr. Wells has created a dream machine called MONKEY BARS ROBOT

I’m going to brag to the world about it.

But we can’t let the doctor’s stock go down.

We’ll make sure he stays in line.

How to operate

↓↓←↑Shift center of gravity & selection

X or Z Grab & Release

Space Pause Screen & Decision

Esc Exit Game

Play time

We expect a minimum of one hour.


Mainframe Defenders

Mainframe Defenders

After playing this for 22 hours, I must say it has been one hell of a ride. Its a nostalgia trip back to XCOM without having to worry about cover but more on your current position. At the highest difficulty, the limits of your tactical prowess are tested to its limits. You need to shoot and advance/retreat at the same time constantly. Thankfully while this is a roguelike, for now, you can return to the main menu and retry again. Why go for the easy mission when you could strive for the harder ones and reward yourself for the hard work?

Real player with 45.1 hrs in game

A great little tactics game with lots of style and a fair deal more depth than would first appear on the surface.

Its visuals are stellar, if you’re into the retro style, with plenty of very satisfying little animations and effects. The menus, explosions, and gunfire all look and feel amazing. Perhaps not as stylish as something like Cogmind, but definitely in the same wheelhouse.

The audio is fantastic, with really nice oldschool techno beats that feel straight out of synthwave cyberpunk fare, alongside unique sound effects for just about every gun and enemy in the game.

Real player with 41.8 hrs in game

Mainframe Defenders on Steam

Generation Zero®

Generation Zero®

Rating: 4/10

Generation Zero has a really cool concept, but sadly gets very repetitive after a while.

All the enemy machines are creative and pretty cool, only very few of them. They do however have some variations each which gives different weapons etc.

The map is gorgeous and really looks like Sweden, but after a while you will have looted the same few houses scattered over the map hundreds of times.

Three or four times my GF and I have started this game over, but we have never been able to finish it before it gets too boring and repetitive.

Real player with 222.4 hrs in game

This is gonna be a long review…

The Positive:

So this game like many others released in 2019 was plagued with bugs at the start, some of them game breaking. The developers have worked REALLY hard making the game better and adding more content. I only see a minor bug roughly every 12 hours of play now a days and they can usually be ignored.

The gun play feels good and breaking of the different parts/armor of robots is almost therapeutic, especially when you learn all the parts and know how to disable specific functions to make a fight easier. The story while simple feels realistic and gives you a lot of freedom to do what you want and explore where you want. The game is beautiful! It looks better than most games released this year and the atmosphere is amazing! There is a really good balance in difficulty that makes every engagement feel dangerous (at least when playing solo) and even the most crazy fights don’t feel impossible with proper planning, prep work, and knowledge.

Real player with 180.2 hrs in game

Generation Zero® on Steam

Mainframe Defenders: Meltdown - Prologue

Mainframe Defenders: Meltdown - Prologue

this only the demo and ive already put 12 hours into this game. i really like it and am looking forward to buying the whole game. the only annoying part of the game that stands out to me is the crappy vision, but thats very minor and a personal peeve XD.

Real player with 27.7 hrs in game

A good strategy game with an interesting interface, I’ll think about buying the full version.

Real player with 4.2 hrs in game

Mainframe Defenders: Meltdown - Prologue on Steam