In B.I.O.T.A., take control of a commando unit sent to investigate a mining colony that ceased all communication. Survive in 10 completely different environments packed with mutant monsters and deadly traps with the help of a multitude of guns and various crafts, including a mech, a sub and a starship.


It’s year 21XX. You command the Gemini 2 team - a commando unit made up of tough war veterans commissioned by the V-corp, a mega mining corporation. Your task: shed light on strange events that are happening on Frontier Horizon - a small isolated asteroid squeezed in between Mars and Jupiter, and housing a mining station owned by the V-corp.

A new biological organism recently found on the surface of the asteroid, known as “the agent” is able to interact with every element of an ecosystem and change it at its will, taking full control of the organisms. Most of the mineworkers have mutated into horrible monsters, and the scientific team who made this discovery has taken refuge in the tunnels below Frontier Horizon.

Take control of the Gemini II squad by choosing your favourite hero from 8+ and swapping them as needed during this adventure. Explore the sprawling Gemini complex, now home to hostile alien life forms, a multitude of trap-filled corridors, and use all the tools at your disposal - including a bipedal fully-armed mech, offensive submarine and a starfighter class spaceship, among others.

The Retro

All the charm of retro gaming (with breathing signified by two pixels shifting) with the modern-day convenience of saving anywhere, the ability to swap palettes at any time, and a tune so chippy you’ll want to add it to a mixtape for your friends

The Look

Choose your favorite palette from more than 60 available 4-color styles for the most authentic retro feel, and swap each palette as you see fit in the glorious 8-bit visuals

The Aliens

Fight 40+ vicious degenerated monsters from simple, but huge mutated hornets, armed shield sentries to lethal infecting xenoshifters

The Guns

Utilize numerous upgrades and unique unlockable weapons for each character to find the one that suits you the most - be it a sniper-friendly high powered rifle, buckshot loaded shotgun and powerful hand cannon

The Stress Relief

Stress-free rescue system; rest assured that at any moment of the adventure a dedicated key will allow you to save the game and virtually never have to repeat parts already completed

The Exploration

Features a many variations to the classic on-foot gameplay: while exploring you will be able to control a submarine, pilot a mech, a shuttle, jump into a chasm and swing on a rope and pilot the mythical Pegasus, the Gemini II team’s ship

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B.I.O.T.A. on Steam

Martian Law

Martian Law

If you like classic 80’s style arcade games, you’ll love Martian Law. It’s recommended to use a controller and I found out why. I first thought a 3 button Sega Genesis mini classic USB controller would work but it doesn’t have the dual sticks needed. I used an Xbox One controller and it works perfectly with Martian Law.

Like classic arcades, this game can get quite tough, but that’s the point. When the power ups come, it can really help out when the screen is falling all around. I love the weapon upgrades, this can help rack up the score quickly. I’m a very old school gamer and I like that I can switch between windowed and full screen within the game menu, I hate having to fiddle with a keyboard trying to figure that stuff out, simple is better!

Real player with 15.9 hrs in game

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it’s a cute game, but the controls kind of suck, and the graphics can be a bit eye-straining and the music is loud, kind of annoying, and gets repetitive fast. the gameplay itself is incredibly lackluster, with there only being a few powerups, and the way the game works encouraging sitting in a corner and doing nothing, the bombs can hit through the middle platform so trying to maneuver around is a chore, so i found myself sitting at the screen’s edge, letting the bombs fall. the saving grace is when you get the powerups as you no longer have to be so inert, you can shoot horizontally but there’s no real point in doing that cause by the time it is useful the bombs are already at the ground, though diagonal can help make it so you have to move even less. the game discourages movement, which from the get go makes it bad. not to mention the only reason to even move in the first place is to avoid megaton bombs or go and deal with the laser bots. that’s it, the corner of the screens provide protection from everything else and time will get you way more score than action. i dont think this was the dev’s intention but the game make it such.

Real player with 6.4 hrs in game

Martian Law on Steam

Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut

Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut

Charming! I finished this now and finally realized that there are a few bonus arcade games too. Actually, even the main game feels like a collection of the type of little home-made games we made for the ZX Spectrum and Commodore 64, just with a lot more enemies. I am happy that I played with a controller, since this is a twin-stick shooter which can be somewhat unforgiving at times. The collision detection sometimes seemed to detect collision before I did, which caused some frustration, but it may be my own fault for beginning to getting used to games where you can graze bullets. It was in any case easier than many vintage games. The light-hearted story ties all the different levels together well, but don’t be mislead into thinking that this is just a shallow game about steampunk mining on Mars. If looking deeper, it actually teaches an important life lesson: Never be without scones, cheese and tea.

Real player with 14.2 hrs in game

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Bit conflicted about this game. Sometimes it’s just an annoying crowd control shooter game (with added difficulty as you run around ‘laps’ in certain levels that require that) and sometimes it’s a clever blast from the past action game and a well designed one too.

Love the MSX-era look. The 16-bit graphics option that was added in the latest patch is very nice looking too.

Unlockable arcade games puts your old arcade skills to test. Loderunner anyone?

Check actual gameplay videos to get a better picture of what this game is and skip the stuff on the store page. Store page gives a false impression there are adventure elements in the game. In reality they are non-existent.

Real player with 5.8 hrs in game

Rock Boshers DX: Directors Cut on Steam

Kosmo Laika: Space and Beyond

Kosmo Laika: Space and Beyond

Get ready to discover the world of space exploration.

The game is good for both those who know a lot about space exploration and those who don’t, because the character “Laika” will give you hints and tips so you can proceed with the levels while learning.

The music and sound effects create a spacey and relaxed atmosphere.

Game tells about the releases of the history of space exploration.

Real player with 9.0 hrs in game

Very cool. As good as the previous game.

Real player with 1.7 hrs in game

Kosmo Laika: Space and Beyond on Steam