Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense

Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense

My first TD was Vector Tower Defense, my second was Vector TD 2…and my third was Vector TDX. I hated all three, but I sucked at them. I liked the gameplay, I liked the idea…but I just couldn’t wrap my head around the strategy and wondered how one ever got to the higher levels– or even completed some of the maps. I loved hating those games, played the crap out of them on Candystand (RiP).

From there, I played every TD I found, even the crappy ones, just to see if they got any better. Over time, I didn’t have to play crappy ones, as good ones were being created all over…but nothing quite like Vector TD. :/

Real player with 367.2 hrs in game

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This was a close call if I push the yes or no button with the recommendation button.

This game has a plus side, which is the gameplay itself. It’s classic tower defense, no bells and whistles.

No unnecessary graphic 1upmanship, but instead back to the basics, i.e. simple outline shapes that make the towers you placed instantly recognizable.

You’ve got 16 different towers that do different things in various degrees of effectiveness, so quite the variability in terms of towers.

And that’s the positives. So now for the negatives, namely progression and R&D.

Real player with 250.2 hrs in game

Infinitode 2 - Infinite Tower Defense on Steam

Hunt the Muglump

Hunt the Muglump

This is a really fun game. My eight year old son really enjoys playing it and begs to get on the computer so he can play it. It has been a great distraction for him during lock down. He especially enjoys tweaking the game settings in custom mode.

Real player with 5456.3 hrs in game

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I like this game. It’s an ever-changing puzzle adventure that randomizes every time. I’m still working towards the dungeon creator by earning the right achievements, but I enjoy the gameplay. Well-worth the low cost of 5.99.

Good luck Muglump hunters.

Real player with 20.9 hrs in game

Hunt the Muglump on Steam

Krakout challenge

Krakout challenge

Welcome to the ultimate Challenge! Brick breaker games never were so exciting, fun and challenging. 

The game where you can improve your reaction and creativity. “Krakout challenge” is not a simple game where you do not need to think and must wait for random bonuses. Every level covers self bonuses, a self tactic to go through. During the first time, it can be a little bit challenging, but I hope you like challenges and complete all 300 levels and we will see your records on the top of the leaderboard.   

The game has an integrated level editor. So you do not need to play just in-game levels. You can use your creativity, make level-sets and share them with friends and compete: who beats you level-set faster or collect more points.

This game is multiplatform and can be played on many platforms such as PC , Mac, Linux or mobile devices. You can create a level set and share with friends no matter on which platform your friend play this game.

Key Features

  • Arcade Cabinet Style and Pixel Art Graphic;

  • arcade mode with 3 level sets ( 300 levels) up to 7 hours of gameplay (if you are lucky or very skilled).

  • integrated level editor;

  • levels can be exchanged with Steam friends or via a local network. And no matter on which platform play your friend;

  • many types of blocks (simple, unbreakable, multi-hittable, cloneable, movable, time …);

  • many types of aliens and helpers (include ball eater :) );

  • supports global Steam achievements and leader board;

  • stop and continue to play any time you want.

So, if you like brick breaker type games, you will do not miss this game. 

If you have never tried brick breaker type games, you will try and I think you do not disappoint.

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Krakout challenge on Steam

Verlet Swing

Verlet Swing

If you think Verlet Swing is just some average A E S T H E T I C game you can find anywhere on the web, you’d be dead wrong. While Verlet Swing IS highly based on the aesthetic theme it’s not only that, but it’s also a great indie game. If I had to use one sentence to describe what this game is it would have to be “Vaporwave Spider-man on psychedelics”. This game has everything from black holes to flying hotdogs and it’s one experience everyone needs at least once in their lifetime. Verlet Swing is a great game to play either casually or competitive. It really depends on your preference. The gameplay is smooth and colorful, and from my experience it has the right amount of easy and hard levels. Each level is unique in its own special way and that’s what makes it so fun. There are more than enough levels to cure your boredom and if you get stuck you can always go to the community-made levels. There’s already so many levels even though the game just came out, but the custom games change the games tremendously. Not only do you have all the levels of the original game, but now you have player-created levels which in itself could be its own game. Want to make your own game? No problem. Just open Verlet and go into the editor tab. There you can use everything in the game to your disposal. It’s is a little awkward at first, but once you figure it out, the sky’s the limit! Having trouble? Flamebait games has their own discord server where you can ask questions or suggest your idea to them directly! Verlet Swing is an experience you won’t find in a very long time-maybe even ever. If you’re considering picking this game up, I definitely recommend trying it out. Being as affordable as it is, this game gives you a lot of bang for your buck. So kick back, enjoy the A E S T H E T I C, and swing to your heart’s content!

Real player with 79.7 hrs in game

tl;dr The movement is wonderful, the levels flow beautifully, and there’s a good handful of content. Don’t take this game at face value, it’s more than just the weird visuals. If you have any interest in this, definitely pick it up.

So you have spiderman, right? You get to swing all over New York at high speeds and feel awesome while doing it. You can touch the skies, glide on the ground, fling yourself through tight spaces all while feeling like an absolute badass. Take that, add some a e s t h e t i c to the mix, and you have the basic idea of Verlet Swing. This is a game all about swinging through levels and trying to get to the end, all without touching anything . If you were to condense the entire Verlet Swing experience into one sentence, that would be it… but of course it’s not that simple. Lets expand on that with a few topics:

Real player with 44.9 hrs in game

Verlet Swing on Steam

Delta Light

Delta Light

Cool take on the old Jezzball concept. It’s got a few bugs but overall solid. Definitely worth a try!

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

This game is awesome and very addicting. It has many levels, so you do not get bored. It’s music is nice and retro. The concept is very smart. I fully recommend it.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Delta Light on Steam



Very satisfying and challenging puzzle game that will keep you thinking outside the box. Simple rules with brilliant execution. Plenty of content with over 100 stages, boss battles, and unlockable bonus mini games and powerups. An ultimate (and maybe a little sadistic ;-P ) 8-bit brain teaser with some epic tunes. I just cleared it all, can you?

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

For similar games follow:

I usually review weird hentai games so when my curator friend asked me if I wanted to try BLEWIE and the FUN HOUSE let’s just say I found those words misleading. In reality, it reminds me of some games I’ve played on very old computers with green screen monitors. I really miss one where you’re an ant trying to escape a level having to dodge what looked like wasp heads chasing you. You could drop boulders on them or shoot them. Can’t remember the name though. Anyway, this game is kinda like that but in color and the music is really good.

Real player with 0.7 hrs in game

Blewie on Steam

Hover Attack

Hover Attack

 Hover Attack is a side-view robot shooter.

 Take control of an attacker with a limited number of bullets and try to destroy the target at the end of the game while killing enemies.

 When you run out of ammunition, you can replenish your supply by combining with your Carrier, and since the game is over even if your Carrier is hit by a certain number of bullets, it is important to keep your Carrier in a safe place.

 The original story was first published in 1984 in the PC magazine I/O (published by Kogaku-sha), and was so popular that it was ported to a number of consoles and later released as a commercial version.

 Many boys have dreamed at one time or another of being the pilot of a robot anime hero, such as Gundam. This game was so popular that it was later released in a much more powerful version, and ports were released for most of the major 8-bit PCs of the time.

“It is more than a one-on-one fighting game but less than a side-scrolling beat ‘em up. The gameplay is unique in that there is a main character Attacker and a Carrier that the Attacker rides, and the two must work together to survive. The enemy can also deploy Attackers and Carriers that must be destroyed.

 The following three versions are included.

  • I/O version (port of the original)

  • Full version (port of the original)

  • The Ultimate Evolution version (a much-arranged version)

 In addition to the I/O version, there is also the Construction yesterday.

 Mods are also supported, so you can create the world you want and play with it.

Hover Attack on Steam

Quible Sphere

Quible Sphere

I’m fucking addicted

Real player with 12.9 hrs in game

A very fun game.

It’s a challenging platformer, that doesn’t alow you to jump, and you have to rely on ball physics to do any tricks.

Roll around, dodging obstacles, and beat the stage as fast as you can. It becomes adicting to beat a stage very fast, especially when you notice speedrun tactics by yourself, and you get a pretty good time.

Depending on your skill, this game can take anywhere from 2-15+ hours to beat.(first time playthrough that is)

But if this game gets enough people to play it, the custom levels will also add even MORE hours to it.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

Quible Sphere on Steam

Super Marxist Twins

Super Marxist Twins

Ever wonder what it would look like if a Soviet state sponsored game developer designed a game to compete with classic side-scrollers while subverting western youth? No? Well we did. Introducing Super Marxist Twins. The evil Tsar Boarov, and his army of capitalist pigs, have stolen The Nation’s resources and left The People with nothing. Now it’s up to brothers Mikhail and Ludmil to collect the stolen resources and defeat Tsar Boarov once and for all. In communist paradise, money does not exist, so surrender your funds and buy Super Marxist Twins! Purchase the game for yourself! Purchase the game for your friends! Purchase the game for The Greater Good.


  • Classic side scroller platforming and action.

  • Collect resources to power-up the twins! Steel rivets will power-up Mikhail and his hammer-attack, while collecting wheat grains will power-up Ludmil and his mighty sickle-attack

  • Battle an army of assorted enemies ranging from collaborator rats to heavily armed capitalist pigs.

  • Toil away in the Industrial Forge level editor and then share the fruits of your labor with comrades across the internet.

Super Marxist Twins on Steam



This is not the Outrun you’re looking for.

1. The stage themes are nice, bright, and colorful. However, there’s 36 stages and only about 5 themes so it gets old fast.

2. You can buy different cars. However, they are all the same when upgraded so there’s no reason except that you like the way one looks.

3. There’s 18 different songs. However, they are all forgettable and there’s no option to play them randomly.

4. If you stick with one car and just upgrade it, the game is really easy until the end when the opponents are just flat out faster than your fully maxed out car.

Real player with 18.0 hrs in game

This game is a new contender among tributes to the 80’s and early 90’s arcade style racing games. The game plays like a mix of Outrun and the Lotus series. Buying and upgrading new cars works in a bit of a Road Rash fashion, meaning that you have to grind races to earn money which in turn allows you to keep buying more stuff. There isn’t much to differentiate between the available cars, which all seem to drive pretty much the same. A bit of a missed opportunity there.

80’s Overdrive’s entire look is decidely retro in the graphics department which works out nicely, colors pop on screen and the entire 2D style reminds me of something that wouldn’t have felt out of place on Sega’s Saturn system back in the day. At the start of the game you pick a driver and a car. The driver is just a character portrait, there is no story and there are no interactions at all between you and your opponents before or after races like there is in Road Rash for example. This kind of sucks, because you would expect something like this to be there after seeing all the different characters. There’s work that obviously went into creating these, but nothing is done with it. Again we’re coming across a fair bit of missed potential here.

Real player with 14.4 hrs in game

80's OVERDRIVE on Steam