Revolution: Path of a Weaponsmith

Revolution: Path of a Weaponsmith

Alternate History

It is 1989, due to a breakthrough success of the so-called Star Wars space defense program the United States has become a sole state entirely protected from a nuclear weapon attack. Its influence has since spread over most of the world through both diplomatic and military measures.

USSR weakened by a devastating defeat in the Afghan War has been swiftly overtaken. Many large cities lie in ruin, others are being controlled by the US military forces. While the occupants are establishing control over the new territories rebels are gaining more and more members each day, many of whom have combat experience.

You play as a scavenger-trader whose main source of income is to search remnants of your home-town for provisions, valuables and sometimes even weapons. Sell your findings to make sure that your loved ones are kept safe.


The town is being overrun by military, bandits, and rebels. You are often outgunned and outnumbered so direct confrontation can often be deadly. Use stealth and explosives to turn the odds back in your favor. Gather supporters to help you or force enemy factions to fight each other making a room for your next move.

  • Disguises - got a clean kill on a guard? Take his uniform and try to look as if you know what you are doing, most of his colleagues will not pay too much attention to you. But beware, higher-ranking officers can notice even the smallest mistakes in your disguise and become suspicious.

  • Weapon visibility - civilians can’t carry visible weapons, but you can still have a pistol hidden. Or you can just fold your AKMS and hide it in your backpack to take it out when it is time for a more radical approach.

  • Visibility - people will have a much harder time noticing you in complete darkness, choose your path carefully or just get rid of those pesky lightbulbs.

  • Noise cover - guards will investigate suspicious noises unless of course there is heavy machinery working nearby that will cover that silenced shot sound. Pay attention to your environment and use it to your advantage.

Inventory Management

Food and medical supplies are scarce and hard to find. You will have to look around abandoned and demolished city buildings to scavenge for valuables and provisions. Or you can target some of the better-protected gang or even military warehouses. Alternatively, there is always an option of taking things you want from other survivors by force. The choice is all yours as well as the consequences.

  • Loot - search the houses and enemy corpses for useful stuff. Some things you will be able to use directly, others can be traded for what you need.

  • Backpacks - equip larger backpacks to be able to carry more, but be careful not to overexert yourself, too much weight would slow you down and make you get tired quickly.

  • Gear - want to see in the dark? Get night-vision goggles and take them on, but watch out as they will make you look suspicious.


The world of Revolution is filled with different people: bandits, USSR and US civilians, US military and rebels and honestly they don’t get along too good. Firefights between factions are happening pretty often and sometimes even civilians can pick up a dropped weapon to join one of the sides.

  • Factions - members of rival factions would be hostile to each, that is when they identify each other as enemies which is done by judging clothes and also a location at which they meet.

  • Civilians will usually run away at the sounds of shots, but sometimes they can join

  • No seeing you through the booshes - don’t you just hate it when an enemy is somewhere behind the bushes where you can’t see them but apparently sees you well and can shoot right through, well not here!

Difficult Choices

You will face hard choices every step of the way. Do I help the rebels or the occupants? Do I trade or take by force? Does this family deserve to survive, or do my people need their supplies more? Every choice you make will have a varying impact on the world around you, but remember not everything is as it seems and more often than not you will have to choose the lesser evil.

  • Story - become part of the epic story in which you will have to make hard choices between sides where black and white are hard to tell apart.

  • Branching dialogues - choose what you say careful, choices in the dialogues matter just as much. In many situations fight can be made easier or avoided if you talk to the right people

  • Characters - communicate with many different characters each having its own personality and preferences.

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Revolution: Path of a Weaponsmith on Steam

Professor Crackbrain - And the awakening of the weredog

Professor Crackbrain - And the awakening of the weredog

Professor Crackbrain is about to finish his evil experiment.

Creating a beast so vicious that the world lives in fear and terror. A Weredog!

The last missing ingredient to awake the Weredog is … a dog.

Jay, his dog Bobby and his friends Jerry and Mike having a good time at the playground. But things are changing quickly, when Professor Crackbrain’s assistant Rogy shows up to kidnap Bobby.

Immediately, Jay, Jerry and Mike forge out a plan to sneak into the Crackbrain Mansion and come to the rescue of Bobby.

Professor Crackbrain - and the awakening of the weredog is a classic point & click adventure game full of nostalgic allusions, pixelish puzzles and chiptunish music.

What others say about the game:

“Can you please stop programming and spend some time with me and the kids” - my wife

“Looks like you couldn’t afford a photoshop license so you did pixel art, right?" - my brother


  • Ultra high-res pixel art

  • A unique chance to rescue a dog in an adventure game, instead of poisoning them. (But you may poison other animals in this game.)

  • Finally you can sneak in a mansion again ;-)

  • Three playable characters - Jay, Mike & Jerry

  • Chiptune soundtrack

  • Littered with allusions and eastereggs

  • “At least one joke will land” guarantee

  • German & English language support

Cast (Voice Actors):

Professor Crackbrain - Leigh Harvey

Rogy - Leigh Harvey

Surveiling Officer - Leigh Harvey

Mom - Vivian Reed

others - AI for now

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Professor Crackbrain - And the awakening of the weredog on Steam

Underground Miner

Underground Miner

Feels like it was put together for a game jam in 1 day. Should be free. Crapware

Real player with 0.3 hrs in game

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Underground Miner on Steam

4K Bricks Breaker Plus

4K Bricks Breaker Plus

Classic bricks breaker game enriched with weapons and much more. You can decide what features will be added to this game!

If you can’t break a brick using your ball throw second one, or you can shot them using a rifle, plasma gun, or burn down by laser.

To not make your play so easy, there are some enemies waiting for you!

50 levels, and next 50 levels (100 in total) if more than 100 players finish all levels (so if You like this game and want more, share it to Your Friends)

4K Bricks Breaker Plus on Steam

Tiny Combat Arena

Tiny Combat Arena

What is the experience of Tiny Combat Arena?

Tiny Combat Arena is a labor-of-love combat flight simulator that aims to strike the perfect balance between a simulator and an approachable, customizable, air combat experience. All executed in a stylized look representing a fictional Cold War-era conflict.

Sim-lite combat flight model

Tiny Combat Arena is all about the fun factor of flying, dogfighting, and close air support. Simulation elements are added to the game in service of creating engaging and deep gameplay, never just for the sake of realism. Simulation inspired mechanics, such as boosting a missile’s range by launching from above your target, create a new range of tactics for you to explore.

Quick Mission Builder

Tiny Combat Arena lets you jump in and fly by quickly assembling various types of missions. Take a placid stroll around beautiful scenery, configure a team vs team dogfight against aircraft of your choosing, or strike objectives with ground units to attack and support.

Arena Mode

Plan your moves on the strategic map; pick objectives, identify threats, choose which units to support, and where to make a difference. There is a war going on around you, and your participation will affect its outcome.

Detailed and useful database

The in-game database provides players with not only detailed statistics on vehicles, aircraft, and weapons, but also to give tactical guidance on how to approach different aircraft and respond to different threats.

Tiny Combat Arena on Steam



Silence on cosmic station somewhere in deep space. Scientists no answers.

You are a agent, who must inspect station and save people and science ultimate discovery.

Scientists in a cryostasis sleep, system of station awakens and unfreeze people, but scientist hard to thinking.

Enemy is unknown, technics engaged destroying people, materials, ammo.

Stock still have equipment can you use in mission.

Your ship use radioactive fuel.

Save scientists, take care of science, and good luck!

Reskue on Steam

Rogue Invader

Rogue Invader

In Rogue Invader, YOU are the invader attacking the alien horde in this genre-flipping roguelite shooter. Game-play resembles 1-Bit black and white old-school games, with modern touches and HD graphics.

Twenty years ago, the Zenos began invading terran colonies, leaving a trail of death and tears in their wake. Terrans fought back, one planet at a time, while building a fleet to stab at the Zeno home-world.

You arrive with that fleet, just after a series of massive space battles in which all supply ships have been destroyed. You are left with a huge invasion army but no supplies to invade with other than one drop-pod, and one pistol.

Rogue Invader on Steam



The last remaining ships make their break for survival. As a SENTRY, you must protect the precious human cargo as they are ferried out of system. Can your increasingly damaged vessel withstand the alien horde and reach the safety of the jump locations? Humanity depends on it.

Build traps and turrets to slow the advance of the alien menace. Only by taking the fight directly to the enemy in fast-paced FPS gunplay can you hope to drive the invaders back. Utilise hard-won upgrades to turn the tide in your favour.

Your ship will come under constant attack from multiple directions. Choose where to make your stand and go on the offensive by re-capturing lost sections.

Faced with overwhelming odds, use environmental destruction to survive - shooting out windows to vent sections into space, slamming blast doors to delay the enemy – but be mindful that these decisions may make future conflicts tougher. While your vessel may leave Earth in pristine condition, the persistent damage means it’ll soon bear many battle-scars.

SENTRY features a singleplayer campaign with the option to have online friends fighting alongside you in co-op.

We’re very early in development, so we’ll update this page with detail, images and features as we go – Wishlist the game to be kept up to date!

SENTRY on Steam

Contraband Police: Prologue

Contraband Police: Prologue


Although Contraband Police: Prologue can be sufficiently reviewed by saying “in the likeness of Soviet Russia, vehicles inspect you,” ol' Il Pallino has always prided himself in objective reviews that are the basis for the comment “TL;DR.” Set in the early-1980’s, the prologue starts with the player on their first day on the job where people driving vehicles in worse condition than what the player will find in an American redneck’s yard and make note of the damage (which is typical) and look over papers with an Autobahn Police Simulator 2 mechanic of matching up information, and ultimately deciding to accept or reject a traveler attempting to enter the nation. (The player can simply use their eyes to make note of anything not in order with a traveler’s credentials.) Subsequent days consists of learning other game mechanics like inspecting vehicles suspected of containing contraband, along with the day off, in which the player empties the contents of the contraband storehouse, chucks would-be smugglers in the gulag, and buys new equipment. There’s also even a day where people are forbidden from bringing a certain type of cargo into the country.

Real player with 39.4 hrs in game

I actually enjoyed this game. A lot! One of my favorite parts was the area where the tree was on the edge of the road. I was minding my own business making money and stuff and I hear this glass shattering and metal clanking. I run and look. I see a few vehicles lined up in a semi-circle at the end of the road so I watch them get out of their quagmire. Eventually all are on the road and here comes a vehicle so I step aside but the tree never moves. This is when I realize what was making the destructive sounds of vehicles hitting things. LMAO Every Single Vehicle passing by hit that tree. Every one of them. This I hope stays in the game. It adds character. :lol:

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Contraband Police: Prologue on Steam

Valley Knights

Valley Knights

I highly recommend Valley Knights for several reasons - but I think the most important one is that over the past few weeks I have found the developer to be extremely passionate about the game, listens intently to player feedback & is quick with patches/updates. Through my interactions with them I have seen first hand how much they genuinely care about the player experience & how much they want the game to be loved & shaped by the community / for the community.

If you have ever played a turn-based roguelike game & enjoyed yourself but wish a few things were different - this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor to help shape an incredible game with a passionate indie developer creating a piece of work that is clearly important to them. This is all about building a great game, something the developer can stand behind & be proud of and that has been obvious to me through the developers actions to date.

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Game isnt done yet but has a lot of potential,


more items, more quest, more classes, bigger maps and more bosses.

Maybe ultimate or “super ability” during combat sometimes?

Better terrain tactics on the battle grid?

More vision and a larger playfield on the battle grid?

Randomly generated traps or random events on the battle grid? |

What it doesn;t need:

your asshole opinion, game is not done yet.

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

Valley Knights on Steam