Dimetrosaur 2

Dimetrosaur 2

this game is fucking amazing, a huge step up from the original

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

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Aladdin for the Super Nintendo is your basic run-of-the-mill videogame that was adapted for the movie

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Dimetrosaur 2 on Steam

Red Cap Zombie Hunter

Red Cap Zombie Hunter

The story that inspires the game is very typical: virus attacks mankind turning most of them into zombies only a few, the strongest one, manage to overcome the virus and remain as normal people. From a central office in the city, a Human Resistence leader, hires Red Cap as ZOMBIE HUNTER.

In order to meet the leader of the resistance, Red Cap must travel to the city where at the top of a skyscrape is the barracks, continually besieged by zombies, of the Anti-Zombies Army.

The travel to the city is divided into 2 stages of 5 levels each.

In the first stage, Red Cap decides to take the shortest path to the city, which is the one through the cemetery. There he will face the first zombies, enter a royal tomb and explore the catacombs until he finds the exit and can quickly head towards the city.

In the second stage, when he finally reaches the city, he finds a bleak panorama: in the parks the children have already become zombies, the citizens who are still normal and the zombies share the streets. When he passed a construction site, the zombie workers tried to eat him. Some policemen turned into zombies fire their guns. Red Cap will be forced to use the subway to avoid the streets and get to the Anti-Zombies Army (AZA) office as soon as possible.

With the coins and treasures that Red Cap will find along the way in the game shop, you can buy, among other things, such fun devices as eShield (Electronic Shield), Laser Wheel or a Robot that will accompany you as your faithful friend. (see the videos)

Play Red Cap Zombie Hunter and enjoy

  • 10 levels divided in 2 different stages

  • 2 Big Boss enemies

  • Improved skills for Red Cap depending of player EXPerience

  • Player Honor ranking: Stone, Bronze, Silver, Gold (from I to III) and Champion

  • It’sa PLAY-TO-WIN game. You don’t need to spend extra money to finish the game. If you want to finish the game faster you can buy several goods that will help you.

  • Your character upgrades are saved as local data and it’ll be used in future Vialgames games so improving your character will be useful to play another games.

  • The first level wants to be a tribute to the classic game of the 80s Ghosts’n Goblins.

  • Available in english and spanish

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Red Cap Zombie Hunter on Steam

Gold Rush! Classic

Gold Rush! Classic

Classic Sierra Adventure Games;

So, that intro from the beginning makes me sigh from the inside. These games (for me) are memories of growing up and sitting on my father’s knee and learning about computers…(the next step involved constructing my own PC from scratch, but that’s a different story for a different time)

Sierra INVENTED the adventure genre as far as I’m concerned, and “Gold Rush” is not only an excellent example of a classic adventure game, it is also the benchmark for self-involved concepts as well as being true to life history.

Real player with 195.7 hrs in game

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This game can be super annoying if you don’t know what to expect. Part of it is the primitive mechanics. It’s not like today’s point and click game where you click on a location and the character will move there. You have to use your arrow keys to direct every step of the movement. You also have to instruct the character what to do. Encountering another character will not automatically trigger conversation. You have to tell your character to ‘talk’ by typing this in. If you don’t type in the correct series of words, this will also halt your progress. And last but not least, there is potential to fall into a big hole in this game. Let’s say you did not pick up a certain something on level one, well if you don’t have it at level 10, you can forget finishing this game …  Still, there is a lot of charm to this game with its graphics and story plot. I recommend it on sale. I would also like to play the updated anniversary edition.

Real player with 6.6 hrs in game

Gold Rush! Classic on Steam

Troll Hunter VR

Troll Hunter VR

Troll Hunter is a VR action-adventure about hunting terrifying trolls in ’80s Scandinavia using your wit, shotgun, and DIY devices. Explore nordic nature, study trolls, hide and attack to protect civilians.

In this world, trolls are not a myth, they are close and very real, and your goal is to hunt them. You have to locate the troll, learn more about its surroundings and habits, and then lure them into the trap. Of course, in case things go wrong, you can always rely on your trusty weapons.

Troll Hunter VR on Steam

Beat The Moles

Beat The Moles

The gameplay of Beat The Moles is a complexity unknown to other games. You may think you only have to click each mole until they reach their untimely demise at the end of your hammer. However, this is not the case

The moles still spawn after the screen goes black. Meaning you can obtain a higher score than normally achieved by mortal hands.

The moles have no pattern. They appear like the beautiful sunrise, elegant and graceful. You then strike them down with your weapon as fast as you can. The moles do not die, they simply return to whence they came.

Real player with 2.4 hrs in game


works as ok for 1 button game, extremely poor design and graphics.

Real player with 1.2 hrs in game

Beat The Moles on Steam