Darkness Maze Cube - Hardcore Puzzle Game

Darkness Maze Cube - Hardcore Puzzle Game

Amazing game!

any mistake ends up leading to your death, pay attention to every detail. test your skills and memory, solving puzzles and trying to stay alive every second.

Participating in the closed test was such a great experience,

now I’m trying to improve my score!

Real player with 197.0 hrs in game

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I participated in the closed tests and it really is a game for those who enjoy challenges and strong emotions …

Not taking the save and dying … makes you think “Why, why didn’t I go to get the save first?”

The team is to be congratulated, the game was thought of details, paying attention to the paths, sounds and details of the environment really helps to prevent traps.

I took several scares … rsss

Very cool!


Real player with 42.8 hrs in game

Darkness Maze Cube - Hardcore Puzzle Game on Steam

Shadowgate: MacVenture Series

Shadowgate: MacVenture Series

I jumped into this without knowing anything about it. Yeah I played the Mac games on an emulator and have seen them here and there and finished some on Nintendo, i’m kind of familiar with the games, I was just expecting this Steam release to be a handful of roms and some kind of emulator.

Surprisingly it isn’t though.. it’s a set of games built from the ground up to resemble the old versions, and it does a remarkable job at it. You’ve got the old Mac note windows (albeit with new fonts) and all the methods of interaction are the same, including the item management where you can just lose stuff if you don’t organize it well. That’s refreshing. Everything works the way you’d expect it to and it even comes with a mono and color version for picky types.

Real player with 26.2 hrs in game

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Shadowgate is just plain bullshit and I’ll tell you why. I rank this title as the least forgiving out of the whole bunch and for a couple reasons. It’s picky as hell inventory and those damn torches. Shadowgate is basically MacVenture’s take on a point and click fantasy title. Your goal is to defeat a rogue wizard who’s abusing his powers for evil, to put it simply.

I didn’t find this title as fun as I remotely did with the others. The torches are the timer in this game and there’s barely a hint as to when you’ll know when one of them will go out. If you’re caught up solving a few puzzles at a time, it’s easy to miss the message that one of your torches is flickering. You’ll see the screen begin to pixelate, yes, but for all you know it could be a reaction from solving a puzzle or what have you.

Real player with 5.3 hrs in game

Shadowgate: MacVenture Series on Steam

Super Grave Snatchers

Super Grave Snatchers

Raise the dead. Kill people. Raise them, too.

There are also spells like fireballs and soul tornadoes, if you don’t want your minions to have all of the fun.

Campaign is not long, but there’s a sandbox mode and a survival mode that you can unlock, also.

Real player with 12.6 hrs in game

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Super Grave Snatchers is a short, beautifully retro, necromantically witty and very engaging game.

The controls are simple enough, and fairly intuitive. On higher difficulties, the length of the game makes the creative permadeath fun rather than a chore (I recommend at least 2 Cheat Death items, because you basically have 1 HP). On lower difficulties, well, it’s a blast to just run around necromant-ing everything in sight. :D

As for the musical score - ::chef’s kiss::

Real player with 12.2 hrs in game

Super Grave Snatchers on Steam

Teabat! - Episode One

Teabat! - Episode One


Teabat! is a stylish retro 2D adventure with fast, tight controls, and a large interconnected map full of secrets and beautifully constructed set-pieces!

Inspired by handheld 8-bit hardware, Teabat! features an advanced palette engine for player customization and plenty of vibrant lighting and color effects.


  • Alter the world’s view through unique lenses and additional color palettes.

  • Race against the clock, or compete against your own time in Time Trial mode.

  • Test your combo skills, and rack up points for a high-score in Arcade Mode.

  • Online Multiplayer with up to 250 players!

  • Ghost dog!!!

Teabat! - Episode One on Steam

Monster Bash HD

Monster Bash HD

couldn’t recommend this game enough if you played the old DOS version. Super faithful to the original with more than enough improvements across the board for quality of life, like the scrapping of the life system. Id always be playing the last half or more of an ep with 1 life and have to scrape through.. no more! this is the best way to play Monster Bash!

Real player with 28.6 hrs in game

Quality game, excellent achievements giving a lot of replay value and pushing everything the game has to offer. A significant improvement over Secret Agent HD and Crystal Caves HD, both very good ‘remakes’ of the classic Apogee titles. Hoping for more games

Real player with 22.3 hrs in game

Monster Bash HD on Steam

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Castlevania Anniversary Collection

I purchased this title when it was on a discount and I believe that’s how everyone should go about getting this collection.

It’s clear that not a lot of time was spent on making this package. It’s very basic, there’s only one available save slot for every game, the default 4:3 resolution is too small and the other options won’t give you anything close to what is possible on a normal emulator. That said, it’s not a terrible collection either. It’s just meh. So why the recommendation? Well, as I said, I got the game during a price drop for €4.99. This makes recommending the game a lot easier, less so for its standard pricing.

Real player with 69.0 hrs in game

I forgot how frustrating some of these Castlevania games can be…. but that’s all part of the fun right? 😁

Konami also included Kid Dracula, a game I’ve never heard of before playing this collection but was actually kinda fun.

The only thing I can nitpick about this collection (as well as the Contra one) is the fact that you have to use ALT+Enter to fullscreen and ALT+F4 to exit.

Real player with 28.0 hrs in game

Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Steam