Legend of the Sword

Legend of the Sword

The chronicles of Anar have long told the legend of a mystical sword, and its accompanying shield whose magical aura protected the inhabitants of Anar for many centuries. The sword and shield were supposedly guarded by the ancient Corsarians, but their existence, and possible whereabouts are now purely part of folklore.

The evil wizard Suzar has assembled a fighting force of mutated humanoids and plunged the kingdom into a state of fear. An entire army of brave warriors has already perished at the hands of the wicked wizard, and only with the combined power of the legendary sword and shield is it possible to defeat the dark forces that are suffocating the land.

Having been summoned before King Darius and the High Council of Anar, you and five other loyal men volunteer to find the enchanted sword and shield, and destroy Suzar before he is able to amass an army large enough to enslave Anar, and the rest of the world…

…and so you come to team up with motley band of hardened adventurers on your quest to seek out the sword and shield, as the chronicles have foretold.


  • Over 350 dynamic individual illustrations, which change as new and challenging situations confront the player.

  • Pointer and icon driven mode for character movement and commonly used commands.

  • Innovative scrolling map feature - the map expands as you explore the landscape.

  • A highly flexible interpreter with an extensive vocabulary and advanced features such as FIND and GOTO commands.

  • A multitude of intelligent characters to communicate with and give instructions to.

  • OOPS/UNDO commands to backtrack your previous command.

  • Flexible command line editor, for correcting typographical mistakes.

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Legend of the Sword on Steam

Belle Boomerang

Belle Boomerang

Face off against an army of ever-changing foes and turn their own powers against them in Belle Boomerang!

Belle Boomerang is a classic action-platformer focused on unique powerups within each new environment. The aesthetics and gameplay draw inspiration from the shining stars of the 8-bit era. With authentically styled graphics and music on top of rich, fast-paced platforming, Belle Boomerang is the perfect love letter to the golden age. (But not without maintaining a unique charm of its own!)

Play as Belle, the destined heroine, and master her legendary boomerang! Through the effects of a mysterious spell, the beloved monarchs have been transformed into hostile beasts! Defeat them in battle, lift their curse, and infiltrate the corrupted tower to raise the curtain on this evil scheme! But no boomerang alone can save this kingdom… Belle Boomerang will be tossing cherries, soaring through flame-filled skies, possessing ancient statues, and more!

Key Features:

  • A vibrant and authentic artistic style that cherishes its 8-bit roots!

  • 8 unique power-ups used to enhance combat, broaden Belle’s mobility, and allow for all-new environmental interactions!

  • Detailed and full boss battles that test your pattern recognition, skill, and mastery of Belle’s many powers!

  • Adorable foes! (But I don’t want to hurt them…)

  • Fast-paced platforming that will keep players on their toes, new and old alike!

  • Diverse environments, coated in a beautiful pixel-shaped frosting.

  • An authentic OST that adjusts to the workings of a level’s aesthetics and design.

  • And more!

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Belle Boomerang on Steam

King’s Quest™ Collection

King’s Quest™ Collection

A Collection of 7 King’s Quest titles released from 1983-1994. It’s a great Inventory Adventure series that Sierra On-Line created back when MS-DOS & Windows 3.1/95/98 was still by popular demand. I grew up with King’s Quest 6-7 when I was a child.


In King’s Quest 1 - Quest for the Crown:

Enter the Kingdom of Daventry which was once a peaceful, rich and free of hardships land ruled by King Edward with 3 Magical Treasures; A Magic Shield which protects its bearer, A Magic Mirror which foretells the Future & finally, A Magic Treasure Chest which is filled with Gold. However, over the years, these 3 Treasures were lost thanks to those in power whos lies and deceit took advantage of King Edward’s Hardships. Now, King Edward is old and frail with no heir to the throne. So calls forth Sir Graham, one of his bravest, greatest and youngest Knights, to search the land and reclaim the 3 Magical Treasures. If successful, Sir Graham will become the new King of Daventry.

Real player with 111.4 hrs in game

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Games of my childhood always have a sweet spot with me, and this whole collection has been one of my favorites. My father introduced me to King’s Quest when I was young and he bought the first 4. I remember the rather unique official cheat books which required a special marker to make the invisivle ink to appear.

But to talk of this collection, the first four were originally text driven games. meaning that you have to type in commands like “Look at woman,” or “rub lamp.” The first three were then later re-worked with updated graphics (but still rather dated compared to today’s games). Starting with 5, gameplay shifted a little, instead of being text driven, they became what is now called “point and click.”

Real player with 40.6 hrs in game

King's Quest™ Collection on Steam

Slime’s Revenge

Slime’s Revenge

Enjoying this one so much!

Fun, frustrating, easy to control, well set up levels and a nice price…everything a platformer should be!

Watching for more games from this company :D

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

A game about a slime who has had enough of the hero establishment harvesting their friends, family and themselves for petty aristocratic gains, who themselves has been failed by an inadequate feudal system unable to protect them. You navigate through a system that’s seemingly designed to be hazardous to you and other forms of life, no-one knows why there are spikes all over the human’s home or other seeming inefficiencies in their system but those questions must be asked later as you escape them.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Slime's Revenge on Steam

Biscuitts 3

Biscuitts 3

Biscuitts 3 is very cool game with the vibe of the 60s it’s like playing a cartoon literally! The controls are very smooth and the art style is definitely the best part. Can’t say anything bad about what I have played, definitely super fun to play!

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

Just as good as the other 2 games. great 2d graphics and very fun to play. pick this game up you wont be disappointed.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Biscuitts 3 on Steam

Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown

Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown

A good game that captures the spirit of games like Ultima 4 / Questron / Magic Candle… if you can afford to spend the time it requires to play it.

My gripe with it is that’s It’s sometimes slow paced, with only a few keyboard commands that don’t make party management user friendly.

It would be nice to have some kind of option since it’s emulated (like a key combo to speed up things as featured in some emulators) to speed up the game when the user wishes it so. Crossing large plains or fighting weak monsters is sometimes a chore.

Real player with 151.7 hrs in game

This game is very interesting in a lot of ways.

It is very lateral, in that you can essentially go through out the world and explore wherever and not feel completely powerless even at level 1.

The leveling curve feels somehow both extremely important and powerful but utterly unimportant.

This is a game where you have to pay attention to what you read, and everything leads to something. I still haven’t beaten it and im 74 hours in. Average play through is 110 hours.

I learn new stuff constantly, and exploring is delightful. The story is more complex than expected too, every trope you think is going to pop up.. just somehow doesn’t.

Real player with 127.9 hrs in game

Realms of Antiquity: The Shattered Crown on Steam

Okinawa Rush

Okinawa Rush

Yeah, sure, whatever.

Patch 1.3 Please, pick it up on patch 3.1, however right now it’s a great game to gift to someone you wanna piss off;)

1. When building your dojo Items will disappear, only to never again reappear. This will also happen outside of the dojo building BS like when running thru level’s.

2. Requesting special items from the vendor, forget about it those get stuck somewhere between Okinawa & the North Pole.

3. Sometimes you jump thru walls like about 9&3/4 of the time, which would be great if this was a Harry Potter game, however not trying to get to Hogwarts here.

Real player with 61.5 hrs in game

If you like Metal Slug & Martial Arts this game is a ton of fun, beautiful and varied levels, awesome music, cheesy voice acting and impactful combat that lets you do piledrivers on samurai into announcer tables and giant swings on ogres, as well as use your accumulated score to buy alternate colors from the shop, decorations for your dojo shelf and stat boosting amulets.

Tons of difficulty range for both accessibility (it uses a traditional belt system, going from white belt to black belt, then 1-8th dan, then Grandmaster and one special difficulty beyond that) and replayability through the higher difficulties that add more and more enemies. as well as 3 endings for all 3 characters, two brothers who are quite similar but have different key moves, and one girl who has a cool kung fu moveset that’s entirely different from the other two (you can do wing chun chain punch in this game).

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Okinawa Rush on Steam

Legend of Utorepia

Legend of Utorepia

A feature-length retro RPG developed by imayui , in Japan. (First released in 2014)

It is a work that respects the RPG of NES and pursues NES-like.

You can experience a new adventure that is not just nostalgic such as walking on the field of the world map, capturing various dungeons, getting a ship, and crossing the sea of the world, with a mysterious story and world view that goes beyond nostalgia.


As the Last Hero, you will be ordered by the King and set out.

You ask, “Where should go?”, The King just says, “Well … isn’t it the Evil King’s Castle? Go to the Evil King’s Castle.”

With an ambiguous purpose, you will travel around towns and dungeons, solving various incidents , and gradually step into the core of the story.

Cannibalistic otters, a great floodgate, bizarre monster swarms, mysterious night theater, a ship traveling in the desert, deep tropical caves, three jinn, secret elixir, sleeping sick daughter … Let’s go to the world of Utorepia!


  • Play time 5-10 hours

  • Retro pixel art graphics, BGM, and system are all made by one person.

  • You can enjoy the world of retro games at a comfortable playing speed.

  • 2D screen, top view field, side view battle, random encounter

  • Warrior / Sumo wrestler / Thief / Hunter / Cotton mage / Mottled mage / Maron mage …… Choose from 7 jobs to make a character (a team of maximum 4 people, 1 to 3 people is also possible)

  • Weapon proficiency and magic proficiency are available, and parameters increase according to how you fight. You are free to equip any weapon, learn any magic, and grow it.

  • With the prey system, you can sell monsters defeated in battle as prey and exchange them for money, or make weapons and armor.

  • I plan to implement early access to improve usability and adjust the balance.

  • The English version is currently a tentative translation by the author and is in the process of being translated.

Legend of Utorepia on Steam



I highly recommend Puzzledorf. I have spent 5 hours playing this game and have fallen in love with the art, music, challenge and finally figuring out the solution to the level that I’m on. I will be looking forward to spending many more hours playing it.

Real player with 5.1 hrs in game

If I were to describe Puzzledorf in one word, it would be “elegant”.

You’ll whip through the early puzzles, but that’s just a warm up. What I love is that they get tricky without getting complicated. The game doesn’t increase difficulty by just throwing larger amounts of things at you. Each puzzle so far is relatively small and, deceptively, appears simple at first glance.

As a package, the game looks and sounds great. The soundtrack is appropriately relaxing and “thinky” sounding. I’m not usually into pixel art but it serves well hereand certainly has a charm factor, looking retro rather than minimalistic.

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game

Puzzledorf on Steam



Run, jump and dodge! Chameneon is a 2D Runner with unique physics that create a great challenge!

Switch the neon colors and surf your way to the end. A powerful virus has infected the Cyber Space and now is up to you to control a manual anti-virus called CHAMENEON.

Collect the Neon Disks to show everyone who’s boss. With simple gameplay and tons of stages to go throgh, you will be tested to the limit!

So what are you waiting for? It’s your time to shiny!

Chameneon on Steam