Timothy Leary’s Mind Mirror

Timothy Leary’s Mind Mirror

I absolutely recommend anyone with even a slight interest in psychotherapy to try this game out, not because it’ll blow your mind or because Leary was some kind of genius, but because it’s a solid example of what I believe to be a therapy-oriented game.

Somewhere between interactive fiction and gestalt therapy (not mention the weird words and “archetypes”), this program is for all I have read basically a reproduction of Leary’s PhD thesis. It might well have been a facebook quiz if it was written two decades later! It’s not particularly avant-garde or exceptionally brilliant as far as I’m concerned, but it’s neat to play through.

Real player with 0.5 hrs in game

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Timothy Leary's Mind Mirror on Steam

VR Museum

VR Museum

A tremendous power lies in VR. Anything you imagine, anywhere you dream, any time you envision - it can get you there.

Have you ever wondered what the Handley-Page 42 looked like in real life? Or what size was a Messerschmitt Me-323 Gigant? Or Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria? All of them are long since gone, but with the incredible power of virtual reality they can be brought back to life. And this is what the VR Museum was created for.

There are many great inventions that are only known from drawings and blurry photos. And many of them are already 3D-modelled and scattered around the net. The idea behind the VR Museum is to locate them, refurb if necessery, and show here for everyone to see. Starting from airplanes, the Museum’s collection will grow to become more interdisciplinary in the future.

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VR Museum on Steam

Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班]

Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班]

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School $ sim + tutorial - some minor bugs = Finally the English translation is here. The mechanics are pretty interesting and has a slight learning curve since there are several variables to play.

Real player with 3.0 hrs in game

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Solar Cram School/[太阳补习班] on Steam

Bloxi: The Word Game

Bloxi: The Word Game

Bloxi allows you to exercise your vocabulary and learn new words! Fun and strategic powerups help you avoid the blocks from stacking to the top! Improve your high score and supercharge your word finding prowess in just a few rounds! Three difficulty levels and four play modes keep the game interesting and challenging as you improve.

Strive for the perfect combo! Each consecutive block you can make a word with increases your multiplier for huge point bonuses, so keep a close eye on every block, and keep those words flowing!

Make Words with the Letters in the Falling Shapes

Use Powerups Like the Big Bomb!

The Big Bomb clears the blocks around words that you get.

Longer Words Clear Extra Blocks and Score More Points!

Cause Chain Reactions as You Clear Words!!

Increase your odds with the Shockwave Powerup.


  • Three difficulties so you can decide your level of challenge

  • Endless Mode - where you can only get each word once and the blocks fall faster and faster

  • Clear Down Mode - where the objective is to clear all the grayed out blocks at the start

  • Daily Challenge Mode - unique challenge each day, a letter is banned and there are indestructible blocks

  • Zen Mode - where you can take all the time you want to make words, but you can only use each word once

  • Saving and Loading lets you start and stop whenever you want

  • Get consecutive words to increase your score multiplier, this will also start giving you free powerups

  • Add a Row powerup helps you keep your streak going when playing in Endless Mode

  • Learn obscure words for the logophiles out there!

Is this game for you?

  • First of all, it really is a lot easier than it looks to play (on Easy Difficulty and Zen Mode). On the other hand, Daily Challenge on Hard Difficulty will really test your mettle.

  • Do you like obscure words? If it will be fun for you to see weird and obscure words and learn new words that you’ll use in games like Scrabble and the Crossword, this could be a good match.

  • If you like more casual games that you can then master or just play in a chill mode, we think you should keep learning more. Even as you get better you can try to beat each level faster and faster. If you want a game where you are planning ten moves ahead, this probably isn’t your game.

  • The gameplay is centered around finding a word with the current block, this is rewarded by building up a multiplier by getting consecutive words too.

Bloxi: The Word Game on Steam



An interesting take on an emulator… If the price doesn’t put you off.

I have only tried the Commodore 64 emulator so far. I like it, it gives a sense of depth to running programs with the models and sounds of the hardware there. It took a while to get used to the keyboard layout and I still haven’t found the £ mapping but otherwise it is smooth sailing. I also wouldn’t be surprised if there was a patch sometime in the not so distant future that addressed that (or I have to smash more buttons to find the pound sign :)). Joystick supported. I spent much more time with this thing than I thought I would and I gifted a copy to a friend who had one of these as a kid.

Real player with 41.4 hrs in game

I love this simulator, and it is definitely my favourite simulator/emulator that I have used.

Real player with 20.4 hrs in game

Breadbox on Steam

The Trial

The Trial

_“Someone must have been telling lies about Josef K.,

he knew he had done nothing wrong but, one morning,

he was arrested."_

Franz Kafka’s “The Trial”

Story about life, choices and a Man vs the System.

This unique literature, even after 100 years is still up to date.

Brought to You in 70s & 80s text-adventure games style.

The Trial - is a first interactive book in our upcoming series of literature adaptations for Personal Computers.

Main features:

  • Explore the Great Literature Your own way!

  • Text-Adventure is back - reminiscence of Classic Gaming from the 70s & 80s.

  • Illustrations - unique monochromatic pixel art illustrations.

  • Great form of Education - different approach to books for people of all age.

  • Focus on Original Text - adaptation uses original text, treating it with respect.

  • Voice Control - speech recognition and lector.

  • Automatic Lector - on or off - as You choose.

  • Multiple language versions - learn languages using literature.

  • Choose between monochromatic display colors - classic black and white, green or retro amber.

It’s the first book in Interactive Literature Adaptation series.

More information on The Trial and Next Adaptation - Coming Soon.

All the best!

The Trial on Steam



A classic reignited…

Can you place all the pieces together before the time runs out? Put your spatial visualization ability to the test with this quick paced action puzzle game which will continually keep you coming back for more. Work the each level as the speed increases for each. See how many complete lines you can make and challenge yourself by practicing until you reach level 9.

In this current early access release version of the game we have available the first 9 levels each progressively more challenging that the last. The engine for the game was built with quality in mind and you will notice as soon as you play the game.

Ablockalypse on Steam

Comet 64

Comet 64

I’ve been playing Comet 64 since the closed beta and this game was already wonderful!

It looks just like I have dreamed for a long time, because I’m not a big fan of visual programming. In my opinion visual programming is divorced from reality, and in Comet 64 I finally have to write code by hands, which adds immersivity.

In visual programming I mean games like Human Resource Machine , 7 Billion Humans and some others.

Real player with 21.6 hrs in game

Alright, high-level: if you’re here, you probably know about Zachtronics and Tomorrow Corporation’s games in the programming genre. This game is good. If you like those, you’ll like this.

The system constraints are novel and challenging.

The puzzles are a good escalation of difficulty and concepts.

The vibe is 100% in line with TIS-100 and MOLEK-SYNTEZ with the retro 80s graphics, including the option to customize the colors to match your favorite system from yesteryear.

The editting UI needs some love though. This can easily be fixed in a couple of patches, but currently it’s struggling compared to the polish I’ve gotten spoiled with from the more recent Zachtronics titles.

Real player with 19.1 hrs in game

Comet 64 on Steam

Game Tycoon 2

Game Tycoon 2

  • First of all, this is not a Game Dev Tycoon! These two games may share similar topic, but the concepts are different. *

I’m recommending this game, because I enjoyed both first and second game in series, and there are only few games of this genre available. Sure, it has it’s pros and cons, but I think that true fans will find a way to enjoy it.

The game it self may be clunky, with not so sharp graphics, but underneath it is a true tycoon game. Tutorials may be better, but at the end it is us who needs to discover the whole game (yes, game developers wanted to be mysterious).

Real player with 28.2 hrs in game

Not a bad game, but, frankly, it fails to reach the “standard” quality of the genre,

If you want to check, I own the majority of the “game development” games on Steam (and also some “small” non-Steam productions).

I have put this game at the end of the list and I’m really sorry to say this.

The main problems are:

  • there is a good tutorial, but this doesn’t help to understand how a game… sell! There is a strange feedback system that helps very little (there is a quality rating and a “professional” rating: this could work, but, at the end, only makes you create the best games on the market and see them selling very little…)

Real player with 13.2 hrs in game

Game Tycoon 2 on Steam




SimBus is new, advanced bus simulator. Drive historic and modern vehicles from all parts of the world. Visit living cities of USA, Europe and China in different eras. Become bus driver, follow the timetable and meet other players on multiplayer mode.

Main features:

  • faithfully made historical and modern vehicles models

  • realistic street traffic

  • locations mapped using geodetic data

  • real-time weather conditions and full day-night cycle

  • popular steering wheels, gamepads support

  • authentic bus physics and sounds

  • interactive passengers

  • multiplayer mode

  • high graphic quality thank to use Unity technology

SimBus on Steam