Doctor Klyvinski

Doctor Klyvinski

The game is fun. I have middle aged eyes. I had difficulty reading fine print on my laptop screen. There is fine print throughout the game. I would not buy it again for this reason despite the fun times. If you are young with good vision, recommend.

Real player with 10.1 hrs in game

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Doctor Klyvinski on Steam

Neon Cyborg Cat Club

Neon Cyborg Cat Club

I leave it on all the time for the music and because it adds some nice ambience to my room.

Real player with 66.5 hrs in game

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This is great to have one a second monitor with headphones on while working on something.

It’s even got it’s own dystopian plot to go along with it.


Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Neon Cyborg Cat Club on Steam

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets

Mean Streets is an open world game set in the far off future of 2033 complete with flying cars that have wireless fax machines, imagine that! You take on the role of detective Tex Murphy to solve the mysterious death of a University professor. Next time you see that someone wants a GTA style open world game, tip your fedora, saying you want a real open world game Tex Murphy style. This is vintage gaming at its best, the game comes with a manual, where the manual for the first time ever in the history of me gaming on steam is required.

Real player with 25.9 hrs in game

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That game was made before I was born and yet it still entertain me. It’s amazing how much fun can be packed in that 30MB. I must admit that graphics hurts my eyes comparing to modern games but this game really makes up for that with gameplay.

Lots of locations which You can visit in open-world manner, roaming West Coast in a flight simulator. Every location come with map to search for clues and evidence or memorable and distinctive character. Some of them will cooperate. And some won’t.

Also, I’ve really liked that I had to write my questions. Nothing was given to me on the silver plate. It gives lots of satisfaction when all of the clues start to make sense. And if You find Yourself stuck, after looking everywhere and asking everyone (and believe me, You are wrong if You think so) You may always ask Your informator. For a price of course.

Real player with 16.9 hrs in game

Tex Murphy: Mean Streets on Steam

TV Kid

TV Kid

I love this game. The art and music come together to make a really fun and enjoyable aesthetic. Unlike most other clicker games I’ve played this one actually has some difficulty in it, so that’s another plus. Since its release, TV Kid has been getting multiple updates, adding convenient and noticeable features. The creator has said they would continue to work on and update the game at a slower and steady pace, which is most likely going to make any new additions even higher quality. This is a great thing because that will hopefully mean this game will have an increasing replay value over time.

Real player with 21.0 hrs in game

Fantastic game. I was stunned by how realistic the game is. The Attenborough-like narrator and the documentary setting make the game quite educative.

Bullsharks [Carcharhinus leucas] give live birth, which makes the enforced caesarean section at the beginning of the game totally believable. They are found in sweet and salt water alike, which totally explains how the shark can intrude that many lakes and rivers. They are also big on energy conservation. For example, they react to external factors and can decrease energy required for osmoregulation. That totally explains how the shark can eat an entire bbq society while crawling and jumping for several kilometres over a golf lawn. Arguably, bio-electricity and grenade-resistance are rather atypical mutations of bull sharks, but hey, who can really claim to understand nature? Similarly, the shark possesses an active sonar which seems unlikely given that it’s only to be found in marine mammals, but it’s totally possible that her father was a humpback whale (also given the incredible size that this specimen reaches).

Real player with 10.0 hrs in game

TV Kid on Steam

Bot Wars

Bot Wars

I have been playing this game since it first came out. It was broken at the beginning, barely playable do to the AI. The Dev listened, AI is great now, I like this game, one of my favorites. I believe it’s fully functioning and worth the play. My complaint is no longer about it’s stability, It’s been fixed, smooth game play. My complaint at this point is lack of content. The core is good, there’s not enough maps. I can run thru the entire game in 10-30 minutes. Initially the game is very difficult. You spend more time respawning then anything else. As you get better however you find yourself avoiding bases or trying to find a more difficult way of doing things to make the game last longer. at this point I can go thru and wipe everything out on all maps with the first 3 units. Don’t need my team, a base, nothing else.

Real player with 42.2 hrs in game

I really like this game so far. The combat is fun and beautiful looking with all the lasers, leveling up the bot and guns as you play with a single “Commander” is really cool and incentivizes being somewhat careful and strategic with your bots which is really cool.

Though I will say that for one, the pinned discord link doesn’t seem to be working for me and secondly, you HAVE to nerf the tiny, $2 spider bots you get from the enhanced money generator building. You get a squad of those and rush into the enemy and just win. I can take out the big bot in 2 shots after leveling up a bit. I end up after like 5 minutes running around with over 10,000 health on each bot even without the upgrade to increase hp based on total money.

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

Bot Wars on Steam



A classic-style beat em up made by a small team. Impressive! I enjoyed the three heroes and great variety of enemies. They looked realistic; almost like digitized actors. The music was catchy, and stages were fun. The cutscenes with the reporter, hero, and the ending were a nice touch. I felt it could use voices for landing hits, continue, difficulty setting, and maybe free lives, But well done on this indie game.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

Brawler on Steam

Gazmatera 2 America’s Least Wanted

Gazmatera 2 America’s Least Wanted

From the creator of Gazmatera: Return Of The Generals!

Greetings, folks!

Remember the “generals” from 1988 in the first game?

But now is only years 1984-1986.

Find out the long story, about how the famous “generals” met and appeared in the new third-person shooter from Victor “LVL90DRU1D” Gazmanoff and his Kalifas!

Take control of four survivors, Jeff, Kayla, Helga and Emina!

Rush through 15 breathtaking levels and find out how the fate of the heroes formed!

-15 big and cool designed levels, i can say it twice

-cutscenes with facial animation

-full voice acting, thanks to Gulbuddin Ivanov & Co. from Diaksor

-all levels are made in different genres

  • 4 playable characters (6, but sssshhhh)

  • soundtrack from famous bands, like:

  • Krastavi Kucheta

  • God Is War

  • Karl Gegel

  • Malisny Absurd

  • Les Bebras

  • and more

Gazmatera 2 America's Least Wanted on Steam



Deathopolis is an arcade style fast paced shooter. Take on a series of rooms collecting prizes and clearing out waves of enemies using guns and power-up abilities.

  • Fast paced arcade action

  • Numerous boss fights

  • Multiple weapons

  • Lots of power ups

  • Hordes of enemies

Deathopolis on Steam



Incredible art style, I really loved it and it made me decide to play this game.

It’s like serotonin and nostalgia being injected into my brain.

Please add online multiplayer to this game. I want to play with my friends in online mode.

Real player with 0.9 hrs in game

Very cool indie game about fighting in a Streets of Rage style! At times I felt like no more enemies could fit on the screen hehe I really enjoyed the punches and the overall experience.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Cyberpunch on Steam

Shoot To Kill

Shoot To Kill

SHOOT TO KILL is a single player retro FPS inspired by the violence and pace of shooters of the past. Harkening back to the violence of F.E.A.R. and visceral gore systems of the Soldier of Fortune games, all taking place in a brutalist neo-futuristic setting.

Take on hordes of soldiers and experiments created by an authoritarian military group in the dystopian future of 2140. A new World War is beginning to unfold. It is now up to you and your skills as a combat expert to eradicate the authoritarian ANKERKORP, and save everyone you love.


  • Eviscerate enemies in beautiful slow motion, using dismemberment to stay alive.

  • Use movement abilities like dashing to zip away from bullets and attacks

  • Break down enemies into red meaty chunks using the detailed and disgusting gore system

  • Relive the feel of the classic early 2000’s shooters with a fast pace and violent action

Shoot To Kill on Steam