Los Cops

Los Cops

Los Cops is a non-linear visual novel with point & click adventure elements in the form of a TV show about the life of aspiring actor Jeremy Jablonski, who teams up with private detective Santiago Hutchinson to save Los Angeles.

The plot of Los Cops depends entirely on your choices: what kind of relationship to build with the characters, what cases to investigate, how to deal with criminals, and what methods should be followed. You can act out the detective of your dreams or not act out at all, focusing primarily on a career in Hollywood or other delights of life. Every small victory and every bitter defeat will propel history towards unpredictable turns and endings.


  • Join the amazing adventures of private detective agency Los Cops. Play as Jeremy Jablonski and together with him understand what is more precious in life: the career of a Hollywood star, the duty of a detective to the city, or the personal life and well-being of your loved ones.

  • Each episode has its own genre, visual style and atmosphere. Enjoy classic 80s buddy movie, 40s noir detective, western, sitcom, heist film, road movie and much more!

  • Feel yourself in the shoes of a real detective with your principles and skills - collecting evidence, chases, shootings, interrogations, investigations, cooperation with gray representatives of the law, infiltration with disguise and much more. Be considerate and resourceful, but don’t get too into the role.

  • Spend time with a lot of colorful characters both on the side and on the other side of the law. Choose your friends, make enemies, build romantic relationships and just have a good time. You change with your environment and create it yourself. But remember - every decision has a consequence.

  • Face the most motley gangs in Los Angeles: from anarchist rockers to maniacs, from petty bandits to the Asian mafia. Put them in jail, bribe them for further cooperation, or become a criminal yourself. But so that no one can see.

The Los Cops story is divided into several episodes. Each of them is a separate story with a continuous storyline. The Tequila Sunrise episode is the first. Subsequent episodes will be released in paid DLC format.

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Impact Trial: Simulation

Impact Trial: Simulation

Impact Trial: Simulation combines two genres in one: the frenetic action of shoot ‘em up - bullet hells and a story worthy of modern graphics adventures.

Main Features

  • Story mode where decisions matter.

  • Story worthy of traditional science fiction.

  • Combats that will be a challenge with a great variety of enemies.

  • Several final bosses.

  • Hidden modes when the story ends.

  • 2D PixelArt aesthetics.

  • Original retro soundtrack.

  • Steam Achievements.

  • Available with keyboard and ControlPad.

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Run TavernQuest

Run TavernQuest

This is a game you won’t be playing. Instead, you will be behind the scenes, overseeing the inner workings of the game for another player named STEVE. Can you shepherd STEVE away from his poor decisions and towards the goal of saving the princess?

Run TavernQuest is the endeavor of one sole developer named Collin Eddings, whose other work includes contributions to The Stanley Parable. The game is styled after old school text adventure games, but doesn’t require any typing. Instead, STEVE is the player and he types commands to you. Your job is to interpret his words and choose how the adventure proceeds based off of his input. When STEVE types go door, what lies behind the door? The choices you make can lead him down drastically different paths, but ultimately it’s up to STEVE to win the game.

  • Choose how the environment and NPCs respond to STEVE’s stupid commands!

  • Full voiceover from a very talented voice actor (announcements soon to come)!

  • Engage in text-based combat where your goal is to lose every time!

  • Experience frustration as STEVE ignores every single one of your plot hooks!

  • Go blind staring at green text for several hours!*

    *Or, you know, just configure the game’s settings to make things easier to read

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In Flames

In Flames

In Flames is a 2D adventure with lots of puzzles and an immersive storyline. It is set in the 80s rural America with all the features you’d expect – a spooky town, characters with well-developed back stories, and a great mystery to solve. Finn Clayton finds himself chained to a tree in the middle of a crisis, and is about to find out what is going on.

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Full play through once it uploads: https://youtu.be/u42NxOO8Kq8

9.5 out of 10 typing game due to some errors I’m gonna start with some things that are messed up in the game, but first I highly recommend this game if you love typing games it’s challenging the story is amazing and it’s ridiculously fun. Ragers are too OP I can type around 120 wpm, but when you can only see two words at a time and the creator has the most expansive vocabulary having these things run up and 3 shot you from full health is toxic. The ragers words will sometimes not stay on top of them either so they’ll get close and the letter to switch to them will be in some random location you have to guess at, also sometimes when you kill a zombie instead of going to the closest one to you like it normally does it won’t target a rager straight up punching you in the butt. One of the later levels repeats with the same journal entry and 430 something words is wayyyy too much for one level my dude I about had a stroke especially with your huge words you use throughout plus it’s so long it doesn’t fit on the whole journal entry screen when you scroll down loool. The good though this is actually a SUPER challenging typing game which is awesome they’re rare. The upgrades give you a chance to beat it on any difficulty besides the easiest I could only beat the second easiest game mode. The zombies ramp up so heavily if you don’t upgrade correctly you may be screwed. The story is amazingly interesting and well written the library of words is expansive and everything you type is leading up to the journal entry you get to read at the end. I’m sad it’s not complete yet, but I will most definitely check out the future chapters. Loved this game. Don’t be discouraged by the lack of reviews I’m assuming it’s because people can’t beat it outside of the easiest difficulty which may be a turn off to some people and the story is pretty lengthy but great.

Real player with 7.5 hrs in game

Keyboard Kommander gets the fundamentals right of a typing action game, but then adds several innovations new to the genre. That game has the juicy sound effects and visual effects that make the simple action of typing feel awesome. Pressing space to shoot a zombie in the head never gets old.

Built on top of the excellent arcade typing action, there’s also tactical gameplay decisions you have to make. You can choose which zombie to target, so you can take down the most threatening ones first. You can strategically choose mortar gun to do splash damage to nearby zombies or laser gun to kill several zombies in a line. So it’s not down to just technical dexterity, there’s also tactical skill and longer term strategy with upgrades.

Real player with 3.4 hrs in game

_keyboardkommander on Steam

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense

If you click fast enough you have a machine gun.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

pretty terrible

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense on Steam

Come Back Home Please

Come Back Home Please

Trapped in an innocent 2D world trying to figure out what’s going on by your own decisions!

In Come Back Home Please the player learns his past and makes the future by his own decisions and choices. Play as a trapped in a fantastic 2D world character YOU and unveil the dark truth.


Test your timing skills in 50 premade levels while unveiling the mystery.

The game requires logic from YOU.


-The game contains a lot of flashing lights and images.

-This is one of the hardest and most frustrating games you will ever play.**

Come Back Home Please on Steam