My Night Job

My Night Job

Cartoon-styled side-scrolling beat’em up game with surprisingly complex and challenging mechanic.

Basically, you’re dropped just outside of some big mansion, filled with respawning monsters and “civilians”, as well as some items you can use as weapons - from umbrellas and chairs to gas baloons and everyone’s favourite - the Chainsaw!

In short, you beat monsters, gather people and led them to rescue (helipads on the edges of the mansion). For each rescue you collect some goodness, like healthkits, guns with ammo etc. After you rescue 100 people, your main goal changing to blow up the mansion, by settling some C4 in the basement. Meanwhile, as you running back and forth through the area, the monsters are growing their numbers, and if they reach some trigger point, they starting to tear the mansion apart - yeah, before you’ll be able to save everyone and leave the place.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

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My Night Job

My Night Job is a tribute to the classics of horror and is a nice paying occupation if you somehow live through the job. I will add a TL;DR at the end.


My Night Job is fairly simple as your goal is to save 100 survivors from an abandoned mansion as you are also trying to make sure you do not die and hope that the mansion is not destroyed by its monstrous guests. Do this by using various environmental objects to kill the monsters. This is not an easy game by far and there are tributes to classics all around the mansion. The tributes include the different areas of the mansion and six special survivors you can recuse which give you certain bonuses. An example of one of these is the girl from the ring which you can rescue through one of the televisions within the residence.

Real player with 10.3 hrs in game

My Night Job on Steam

Hyper Jam

Hyper Jam

This is Hyper Jam

, a retro themed fast paced arena figther, that keeps you focused and tryingharding, you need to win, no matter what. What makes this game so great are multiple things:

**The Music: **Just amazing 80’s synthwave/retro electro music that hypes you up, makes you feel connected to the game, and just feels good to listen to.

Even if you are waiting for a game, it’s just nice to listen to while waiting, building the hype for the upcoming game, and keeping the hype from the last one. Simply perfect.****

Real player with 136.3 hrs in game

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(Received for free from Launch Tournament)

Hyper Jam is one of the most polished indie titles I’ve ever played, and probably one of the best couch-competitive games out there.

The combat feels like it’s hit the perfect spot between too simple and too complex - everyone can understand and use each mechanic, but there’s enough depth for die-hards and experienced players to perfect and start pulling off impressive plays. The perk system makes every match feel different, and combined with the barrages you can send down when knocked out, helps equalize the playing field a little.

Real player with 25.2 hrs in game

Hyper Jam on Steam



its a pretty cool game

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

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Great game with a lot of potential, really hope it continues to grow.

Real player with 0.8 hrs in game

Arbiter on Steam

Tango Fiesta – 80’s Action Film meets 2D Top Down Multiplayer Co-Op Roguelike Military Shooter

Tango Fiesta – 80’s Action Film meets 2D Top Down Multiplayer Co-Op Roguelike Military Shooter

Short Version Review

A simple and amazing action-packed game that manages to be fun, nostalgic, and challenging. If you are looking for a game to pass some time, have some fun, shoot some bad guys and have fun alone or with your friends, BUY THIS GAME NOW.


Full Review Below

This amazing game is not only nostalgic, but it is incredibly fun. You can play alone, you can play with friends, you can play online and local co-op. This game not only brings the nostalgic feeling of the 1980’s in a wonderful, funny and entertaining way, but it is also challenging and has many play styles, characters, and weapons to choose from.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Long story short, this game is an overpriced, junky flash game, at least at the time of this review.

The game has its humor and it’s clearly visible what it wants to be, but it completely falls on its face. I can give it credit for its humor and the nice art and all, but mechanically, this is a complete mess. I’ve been waiting until I was finished the campaign to write this review, and it was an honest pain. Bugs a-plenty (This isn’t Early Access, and is $12.99 as of this post), locked aiming to only cardinal and diagonal directions (I don’t care what your piss-poor reasoning behind having it be this way is, it sounds more like an excuse than an actual reason), glitchy as all hell UI (Ammo literally never showed correctly for me what my current magazine was, as well as a bunch of times where dialogue windows would cover the game), and just poor balance (Difficulty is easy in the first world, ramps pretty high in comparison for the second, levels off with an okay ramp-up for the third and fourth, and then just out of nowhere becomes absurd on the fifth). Most of the bosses just seem lazy, especially the Killionaire and Ghoul Squad ones. The champion enemies that drop health and ammo have a crazy-high health multiplier to the point that it takes several mags to destroy one if the wrong enemy happens to get it, and in the case of the last world, if the floating head enemies are a champion, they have health equal to that of a miniboss, and still never actually drop their equipment. Melee is a completely useless function for the most part, the character differences don’t really make a noticeable impact until you’re forced to change your playstyle because of the level’s enemies, guns don’t very well describe how they are in comparison to others, despite their being stat windows for each, each weapon requires you to essentially run around in circles and endlessly kill enemies to grind for the money to buy them, instead of just being accomplishment rewards, or having the prices be within check. I haven’t tried the multiplayer, but if it’s as bad as the singleplayer is with its glitches and problems, I dread to think about it. There’s so many issues for a game that’s supposed to be finished that it’d be laughable if it wasn’t so frustrating and disappointing trying to, in vain, have an enjoyable time with it.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Tango Fiesta – 80’s Action Film meets 2D Top Down Multiplayer Co-Op Roguelike Military Shooter on Steam



If you’re looking for a game to chill for a few hours look no further, this is it.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

end of 2019 edit: a new game mode has been added, so I edited the review a bit.

have you ever wondered what it’d be like to play tetris on a seesaw? well, tetris without tetris shapes, but the same general idea of dropping blocks and creating matches. and all this in an 80s neon-inspired setting with fitting music. well, that’s what tiltit offers. that, and a city being built in the background based on your performance, which is a really neat idea.

Real player with 3.3 hrs in game

TILTit on Steam

Crazy Otto

Crazy Otto

I’ve followed this game’s development with great interest. How is it, after more than 36 years, no one has ever tried a multiplayer PacMan? Other than a “your turn, my turn” approach….

As this game demonstrates - there are enough characters, even if you just stick to the orginal arcade titles…. PacMan, Ms. PacMan, Baby PacMan, and PacMan Jr. - and the four ghosts…. There you go - 2 teams of 4.

Well, this obviously isn’t PacMan. It’s Crazy Otto…. it’s not even the Crazy Otto that became Ms. PacMan. It’s its own thing. PacMan is well… a PacMan - and he (along with the rest of his Pac family) fight Ghosts. The old-school Crazy Otto was some sort of PacMan-like-thing with legs, and he (or it) fought ghost-like fruit-like thingies…. This game is all about Ducks and Dinosaurs.

Real player with 8.3 hrs in game

For the uninitiated, “Crazy Otto” circa 1981 holds a special place in arcade history as the game that would eventually become Ms. Pac-man after being acquired by Bally Midway. When I first saw this appear on the upcoming releases list, I was floored. After 35 years, the “prototype” version of Ms. Pac was going to be an actual product that I could purchase and play on Steam. I couldn’t have been more excited!

Unfortunately, “2016’s Crazy Otto” as it’s being called by developer Extend Mode isn’t exactly the game I was hoping for. Yes, there are striking similarities between their version and videos/gameplay of the original that can be found on YouTube and other streaming sites. However, anyone going into this thinking they are getting the actual Crazy Otto arcade ROM from decades gone by will likely be disappointed.

Real player with 3.8 hrs in game

Crazy Otto on Steam

Victory Heat Rally

Victory Heat Rally

Welcome racers to Baytona beach!

We’ve got some sizzling news lined up. Victory Heat Rally is inviting all racers to set their sights on the VHR tournament when it launches in 2022.

Choose your driver, customise your car and put the pedal to the metal as you let your opponent eat your dust as you race to victory!


  • Choose from 12 characters and 12 cars.

  • Customise your vehicle.

  • Challenge yourself with all 36 stages across 12 locations.

  • Split screen multiplayer.

  • Game modes: arcade, time attack, rally mode and more!

  • Unlockable content: bonus mini-games, easter eggs, and more.

Get your engines ready in 3, 2, 1… Go!

Victory Heat Rally on Steam

The Amazing T.K’s Suburban Nightmares

The Amazing T.K’s Suburban Nightmares

The Amazing T.k’s Suburban Nightmares

Inspired by the horror/slasher pop culture from the 80’s, this multiplayer survival horror pits players against each other in suburban landscapes. Other players aren’t the only danger. A serial killer and plenty of copycat psycopaths that he’s inspired are still terrorizing victims. Players collect the souls of the enemies they kill or find; the person with the most at the end of the match wins. Each map accommodates four players locally and have AI characters with unique weapons and statistics.

The Amazing T.K's Suburban Nightmares on Steam

Zeke’s Peak

Zeke’s Peak

Last year I saw a digital Ice Cold Beer in a video of SpaciesArcade. I didn’t think much of it but soon after YouTube showed me an old mechanical cabinet version of the game and I got interested since it has some similarities to pinball which I love. I watched a few more related videos which YouTube remembered because it suggested the Zeke’s Peak trailer to me a few months ago and I put the game in my wish list. I bought it the day it was released in Early Access.


At this moment there are five worlds, a beginner world to get familiar with the controls, an arcade themed world, a jungle themed world, an ice themed world and the final world is an expert world. Each of the first four worlds have one or more classic levels based on the old mechanical cabinets, the other levels, 69 of them, are obstacle courses. The expert world has endless versions of all the classic levels.

Real player with 142.0 hrs in game

Normally I shy away from Early Access games from past experiences, but having played this as a child in arcades when it first came out in 1983 I could not wait for this game to come out. It’s early and doesn’t have much yet but it’s off to a great start-essentially you have 4 play modes-a series of tutorial levels culminating in unlocking the original arcade version, 3 other themed series of levels and the alternate original version called Ice Cold Beer, which I didn’t know even existed (but then again I was 5 when it hit arcades).

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Zeke's Peak on Steam



I like these kinds of racing games, they’re really fun and not many people are making them, so it’s cool to see someone is supporting this genre. Overall it controls well and it looks good, there’s only a few little complaints I have with it. For the aesthetics, when you’re playing in classic mode the speedometer isn’t pixelated, the font isn’t very good looking, and I think the background is always a snowy mountain and pine trees regardless of what level you’re on. For the gameplay there’s not much to change, drifting would be great addition because slowing down to go around a sharp turn is really unsatisfying, that’s really it. The music is empty sounding and none of the songs made me exited to drive. I think I heard all the songs, tracks don’t seem to have their own music, it just picks a random song from a little library, if I’m wrong then maybe the songs sound really similar.

Real player with 4.6 hrs in game

This game is a throwback to the racing games of the 1980’s (hence the name).

There’s no fancy graphics, no relistic handling, no gears to worry about, just straight out race to complete each stage before the time runs out.

There are a handful of pleasant chip style tunes and sound FX, both of which can be toggled off if desired.

Control is by keyboard, or use a utility such as Xpadder to map the controls to your control stick/pad of choice.

The game is very easy to play and FUN. Good for a quick game when you have a few minutes or even an hour or two, trying to beat each stage.

Real player with 2.1 hrs in game

MY 1980's DASHBOARD on Steam