This is a seemingly straightforward schmup on the surface but it’s just as much a puzzle game. Levels fly at you thick & fast, and you sometimes have just seconds to destroy all the enemies onscreen. However the visuals, whilst retro, are clearly defined & even though you will perish (many times!) it never feels annoying as you get put back in again, forcing you to think quickly & remember what worked & what didn’t.

Kind of unique among the many twin stick shooters out there, and great value. Even the pulsing soundtrack is effective. Get it!

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

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BULLET PARTY is obviously a bullet hell game. A very hellish bullet game at that.


1. Gets very hard very easily, but this is to be expected. Bullet hell game after all. (Still annoying.)

2. No level editor. I feel like a level editor would REALLY make this game, especially if you could upload your levels and others could play theeem……………………

1. Very fun experience, with lots of levels.

2. Very fun with friends.


BULLET PARTY is a very fun game as you can tell. The game can be annoying at times, but it’s worth the money.

Real player with 3.5 hrs in game


Demons Ate My Neighbors!

Demons Ate My Neighbors!

1991 — it seems like any other sweltering July in the sleepy suburbs of Fairweather Valley…until a cursed VHS unleashes untold horrors upon the neighborhood, turns the residents evil, and generally makes April & Joey’s summer a total bummer. Our heroes must exorcise their neighbors from hell, fight their way back to the haunted High School and rewind their summer to save the world!

Evoking moody ‘80s / ‘90s teen-horror with Saturday morning cartoons and a manic, humorous tone, Demons Ate My Neighbors! honors ‘90s co-op classics as only an unofficial SPIRITual sequel could.


  • Two heads are better than dead - Team up in local co-op, then pump, refill, and spill ‘em all with Splasha squirt guns, loaded with an infinite supply of holy water. Don’t worry about death - with infinite timelines, another April & Joey are ready to DAMN! or DELIVER all over again.

  • Customizable and Upgradeable Splashas - Pump past the limit with Overpump and unleash holy hydro hell. Swap & pop Nozzles to drench demons with different shots, effects, and Overblasts - then upgrade the Splasha’s stats with Nitro Splashtanks found throughout the ‘burbs of Fairweather.

  • Interactive, Procedural Environments - Knock over mailboxes, trashcans, and more to find household weapons that exploit monster weaknesses. Freeze Zombos, zap Zaplings and vaporize Vampunks with Garlic Pizza.

  • Collect VHS tokens from Boss Demons- Unlock new permanent meta upgrades in The Hideout

  • **Getting lost finding possessed citizens in procedurally-generated levels? **Not with the radical Radar Radio called the RadWatch. Level it up by slaying monsters to boost its range and ability to find survivors.


  • Citizens can Tune-Out! - and transform to climactic combat challenges where one of three choices must be made: DAMN, DELIVER, or DIE. Be kind and rewind by draining their recharging stamina with a Holy Hi-Fi arsenal to DELIVER them from evil, or blast through with Lethal Lo-Fi weaponry to let them stay DAMNED.

  • Yo! 16-bit characters feel right at home in this ever-changing top-down 3D world of nightmare nostalgia featuring a funky, thrilling dynamic soundtrack by Sonic Mania veteran Tee Lopes, Varien, Nice Legs, and Papoose!

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Demons Ate My Neighbors! on Steam

Okinawa Rush

Okinawa Rush

Yeah, sure, whatever.

Patch 1.3 Please, pick it up on patch 3.1, however right now it’s a great game to gift to someone you wanna piss off;)

1. When building your dojo Items will disappear, only to never again reappear. This will also happen outside of the dojo building BS like when running thru level’s.

2. Requesting special items from the vendor, forget about it those get stuck somewhere between Okinawa & the North Pole.

3. Sometimes you jump thru walls like about 9&3/4 of the time, which would be great if this was a Harry Potter game, however not trying to get to Hogwarts here.

Real player with 61.5 hrs in game

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If you like Metal Slug & Martial Arts this game is a ton of fun, beautiful and varied levels, awesome music, cheesy voice acting and impactful combat that lets you do piledrivers on samurai into announcer tables and giant swings on ogres, as well as use your accumulated score to buy alternate colors from the shop, decorations for your dojo shelf and stat boosting amulets.

Tons of difficulty range for both accessibility (it uses a traditional belt system, going from white belt to black belt, then 1-8th dan, then Grandmaster and one special difficulty beyond that) and replayability through the higher difficulties that add more and more enemies. as well as 3 endings for all 3 characters, two brothers who are quite similar but have different key moves, and one girl who has a cool kung fu moveset that’s entirely different from the other two (you can do wing chun chain punch in this game).

Real player with 15.8 hrs in game

Okinawa Rush on Steam

Retro Wars

Retro Wars


Take on an entire army in this 80s inspired retro top down vertical scrolling shooter.

Be a one man war machine or take a friend into battle for some fun 2 player local co-op.

Rescue POWs before they are executed

You will be heavily out numbered….

You will be heavily out gunned….

Advance through the levels tactically so you are not over whelmed!

Cautiously make your way to the enemy base on each of the 8 increasingly challenging levels and use whatever cover you find to evade enemy fire.

Use grenades to escape if you are pinned down by the enemy troops or trapped by an enemy tank patrol.


Single player and two player couch co-op action

8 campaign levels to blast your way through

4 difficulty modes which can be set independently for each player

Rescue POWs before they are executed in front of you

Parachute munition drops to be collected

Throw grenades at enemies to take out multiple troops at once

Destroy enemy vehicles for bonus points

Customizable joystick sensitivity

Use level objects as tactical cover

Retro 8 directional movement to take you back to the 80s

Retro Wars on Steam



Cartels takes place during the late 1980s drug war in Colombia. Fight for the Medellín Cartel as a Sicario, or enforce the law on the Coalition as either a Colombian Search Bloc or DEA operative. Take to the streets and jungles of Colombia and engage in intense realistic firefights.


  • Authentic gunplay: Engage in realistic firefights with weapons that must be carefully aimed, but are quicker to kill. There are no crosshairs or hitmarkers.

  • Character customization: Mix and match numerous clothing options to make your favorite outfits for either the Cartel or Coalition.

  • Cooperative & offline play: Play cooperative missions against AI enemies with your friends in Outbreak and Operations, or offline in any mode.

  • Weapon unlock & variant system: Unlock new weapons and variants by completing challenges as you play. Progression is not linear, so what you unlock next is up to you.

  • Immersive gameplay: From bodies writhing on the ground to explosions all around you, become immersed in the art and sound of Cartels.

  • 16v16 Multiplayer: Battle in teams of up to 16 players in our attack-and-defense “Raid” game mode, our area control game mode “Supremacy”, or various party modes.

  • Steam Achievements: Unlock a plethora of achievements all with diverse sets of challenges to keep the game fun and interesting.

Cartels on Steam



Arguably my favorite game going right now! Do you want to revisit old school game play? Check! Want a fun game to play in a Co-Op environment? Check! Want an awesome 80s style soundtrack? Check! How about a gruff and clueless boss to give you missions? Check! The mechanics are super solid, the graphics are perfect for the genre, and the game is challenging and fun! Especially when you’re sitting right next to your twin on the couch and THEY WON’T GO IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!!!! This is an awesome indie game and it deserves your support. Would you rather spend $65+ on the latest MK title that is then gonna rip you off with a bunch of micro transactions or spend $15 on a full, brand new game, and support indie developers everywhere. I know which choice I made!

Real player with 2.9 hrs in game


Review by Games for Lovers - only GOOD local co-op games!


You want to play something with your significant other?

I am not sure I want to recommend you this game - because it REALLY needs perfect cooperation, otherwise you will fail. And you will fail a lot… so this might be DANGEROUS for not-so-stable relationsships. You have been warned!

After a terrible accident, the body-parts of two dead police officers are stiched together to create ONE police officer. Legs, arms, even the brain… two players control each one side. Only cooperation lets you move, shoot, defuse bombs, drive cars and even SPEAK!

Real player with 2.7 hrs in game

TwinCop on Steam

Adventure Bit

Adventure Bit

ADVENTURE BIT is a solid and fun action platformer. Controls and game play mechanics are solid and intuitive.

There are 6 chapters of increasingly difficult levels to unlock and you can replay any previous unlocked levels.

It’s great because it allows you to choose how to play each time. You can start at the easiest chapter of levels and go for high score, or start right at the highest level chapter that was saved last…it’s awesome making replay value very high.

The style, sound effects and soundtrack are really good and the game has a real nice pacing to it and it is challenging even if it looks not to be the case as you are playing.

Real player with 10.5 hrs in game

This is a really great example for how simple is not always bad. It doesn’t have to look like Uncharted or Cyberpunk to be fun.

*Very fair difficulty

*Nice save / checkpoint system

Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Adventure Bit on Steam

Anti Frank’s Wrath

Anti Frank’s Wrath

Anti Frank is unleashing his wrath on the universe! Play by yourself or with a few friends locally to take down hoards of zombies and stop Anti Frank! Play as one of four unique characters and buy new upgrades and weapons as you rid the universe of zombies.

Anti Frank’s Wrath is a top-down arcade shoot-em up based in the futuristic 1980’s. It supports 4 player local co-op (or steam remote play).

Anti Frank's Wrath on Steam



The last remaining ships make their break for survival. As a SENTRY, you must protect the precious human cargo as they are ferried out of system. Can your increasingly damaged vessel withstand the alien horde and reach the safety of the jump locations? Humanity depends on it.

Build traps and turrets to slow the advance of the alien menace. Only by taking the fight directly to the enemy in fast-paced FPS gunplay can you hope to drive the invaders back. Utilise hard-won upgrades to turn the tide in your favour.

Your ship will come under constant attack from multiple directions. Choose where to make your stand and go on the offensive by re-capturing lost sections.

Faced with overwhelming odds, use environmental destruction to survive - shooting out windows to vent sections into space, slamming blast doors to delay the enemy – but be mindful that these decisions may make future conflicts tougher. While your vessel may leave Earth in pristine condition, the persistent damage means it’ll soon bear many battle-scars.

SENTRY features a singleplayer campaign with the option to have online friends fighting alongside you in co-op.

We’re very early in development, so we’ll update this page with detail, images and features as we go – Wishlist the game to be kept up to date!

SENTRY on Steam

Double Dragon Trilogy

Double Dragon Trilogy

At this point in the history of the franchise, you either “get” Double Dragon, or you don’t. This is a side-scrolling beat-em-up in it’s purest and simplest form. You can punch, kick, jump, jump kick, and do a scant few other moves. The enemies you’ll face all have personality, but it’s of the behavior-based variety. The game is challenging, particularly on the Original and Expert difficulties, but can be finished in a short amount of time… even shorter if you become particularly skilled at the game and the nuances in it’s play.

Real player with 19.6 hrs in game

In theory this collection should be a great experience. That’s what I thought when I booted it up. As soon as I tried to adjust the resolution, the game proceeded to crash, forced me to verify files and turn off my virus protection as a content lock occured.

Once I got it back up and running with controls set comfortably on my 360 pad, it worked well. Well enough for what feels like a lazy attempt to wrap three arcade roms into a stand-alone executable.

The Time and Score text overlay is really weird and doesn’t mesh well with the rest of the visuals. The options feel kind of barebones, there’s no intro videos or explanations or anything for any of the games, nothing. People coming into this without knowing about the games will have no idea that you can do super moves, like hitting punch and jump together in DD1 for the game-breaking backwards elbow. Or how DD2’s controls are odd. Or how you can flipping run in DD3 by double tapping move (the previous two games didn’t have it, so unless you did this by accident how would you know?).

Real player with 8.1 hrs in game

Double Dragon Trilogy on Steam