Anti Frank’s Wrath

Anti Frank’s Wrath

Anti Frank is unleashing his wrath on the universe! Play by yourself or with a few friends locally to take down hoards of zombies and stop Anti Frank! Play as one of four unique characters and buy new upgrades and weapons as you rid the universe of zombies.

Anti Frank’s Wrath is a top-down arcade shoot-em up based in the futuristic 1980’s. It supports 4 player local co-op (or steam remote play).

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Anti Frank's Wrath on Steam

Delta Light

Delta Light

Cool take on the old Jezzball concept. It’s got a few bugs but overall solid. Definitely worth a try!

Real player with 30.8 hrs in game

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This game is awesome and very addicting. It has many levels, so you do not get bored. It’s music is nice and retro. The concept is very smart. I fully recommend it.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

Delta Light on Steam

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack

While blackjack remains a cruel game at times, I feel like RogueJack has a lot of fun mechanics to make it more player friendly. I mean, you’ll still get occasionally owned by RNG, but there are a number of things you can to do to increase your odds. Personally, I need to get better at remembering how the different monsters play… or just bother to reference it while I’m playing them :D

In any case, RogueJack is a smart mash-up of rogue-like and blackjack mechanics. I’ve had a lot of fun with it so far and I think you will too.

Real player with 12.3 hrs in game

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tl;dr: Cool game for the price (3€), just check it out.

As other reviews have pointed out, it’s more of a proof of concept than an actual full game. The card mechanic feels neat and is actually a lot of fun, the other mechanics like lighting, weapons and damage types are not that important and not so well thought through.

Examples: I don’t think any of the weapons “elemental” effects trigger, being frozen just makes you hit the move button for like 5 turns, fire just kills you if there are no potions nearby, etc..

Real player with 8.0 hrs in game

RogueJack: Roguelike Blackjack on Steam

Artifact Adventure

Artifact Adventure

In a sentence this game is about old-school RPG gameplay. There’s power gaming, story, and lots of replayability. You control 4 schmucks

! or just 1 and a wad of dirty slaver cashon a quest to slay the Swamp King and halt the creeping poison from consuming the world. There are many quests and moral dilemmas you will face as you rise to be the heros the world deserves, but history is never silent; are your swords, fists, and guns good enough to remain pure?

I highly recommend this game if you like J/RPGS. That being said, here’s some more details and greivances:

Real player with 135.5 hrs in game

Aesthetics: Nostalgic!

This game’s sound design and appearance, right down to the layout of the battle screen, give it an 8-bit feel, reminiscent of the early Dragon Quest (Dragon Warrior) games. The battle music is particularly good; it will get stuck in your head!

Narrative: Simple and Many

While the game has one overall objective of defeating the Swamp King, there’s no “main” plot line. There are many little side stories. Some of the quests present the player with moral choices; a couple of these really made me stop and think.

Real player with 80.6 hrs in game

Artifact Adventure on Steam

Mango Mischief

Mango Mischief

The four protagonists: Sprig, Marion, Merrow, and Arach

Mango Mischief is a throwback to a simpler time - the 16-bit era of video gaming - when JRPGs used (and abused) cliché storylines as vehicles for showing off interesting battle mechanics, difficult dungeons and monsters, complex puzzles, character leveling systems, and customizability through skills, upgrades, and gear.

_Is it time to go on a magic quest to save the world - a quest that only YOU can complete (with the help of three other party members who have different skill sets, of course)?

Do you need to collect several inanimate objects that serve no purpose other than to accidentally help the antagonist at the end of the game?

Is the antagonist merely a puppet of the true final boss (who has multiple forms)?_

Eh, maybe. Or maybe not.

The map at the beginning of Mango Mischief, showing off the early areas of the game

Mango Mischief attempts to straddle the line between paying homage to the tried-and-true tropes of JRPGs, while also parodying the memes of role-playing games with plot twists and comedy.

Self-referential humor and fourth wall breaks augment the narrative and interactions in this game, without detracting from the core gameplay:

  • Open exploration of a huge, diverse world, full of quests and monsters and loot

  • Flexibility in leveling up desired classes and gaining new abilities along the way

  • The freedom to optimize character builds and complete dungeons in any order

  • Tons of weapons, armor, accessories, and items that allow for a variety of playstyles

  • A turn-based battle system involving elemental strengths and weaknesses, an assortment of buffs, debuffs, and status ailments, and monsters that scale with your progress, to keep battles fresh, interesting, and challenging

  • Just enough random encounters to annoy players who prefer visible encounters, and just enough visible encounters to annoy players who prefer random encounters

  • At least a few interesting NPCs who aren’t merely mindless drones created for the sole purpose of furthering the plot of your special story

Please enjoy Mango Mischief, the passion project of a solo indie game developer!

Mango Mischief on Steam

Valley Knights

Valley Knights

I highly recommend Valley Knights for several reasons - but I think the most important one is that over the past few weeks I have found the developer to be extremely passionate about the game, listens intently to player feedback & is quick with patches/updates. Through my interactions with them I have seen first hand how much they genuinely care about the player experience & how much they want the game to be loved & shaped by the community / for the community.

If you have ever played a turn-based roguelike game & enjoyed yourself but wish a few things were different - this is your opportunity to get in on the ground floor to help shape an incredible game with a passionate indie developer creating a piece of work that is clearly important to them. This is all about building a great game, something the developer can stand behind & be proud of and that has been obvious to me through the developers actions to date.

Real player with 23.4 hrs in game

Game isnt done yet but has a lot of potential,


more items, more quest, more classes, bigger maps and more bosses.

Maybe ultimate or “super ability” during combat sometimes?

Better terrain tactics on the battle grid?

More vision and a larger playfield on the battle grid?

Randomly generated traps or random events on the battle grid? |

What it doesn;t need:

your asshole opinion, game is not done yet.

Real player with 7.1 hrs in game

Valley Knights on Steam