Martial Law

Martial Law

Martial Law is a game about difficulties that came with Communism in Poland. Game is meant to visualize the realities of Polish families back then, their ways of thinking and understanding the world. The story is shown from the perspective of a man who is abandoned because of his low social status. He tries his best to be there for his daughter despite the difficulties. Game is also meant to be educational. There are many places you can stop to learn more about Polish culture from the communist era.

Martial Law features!

  • Many endings!

  • Visual Novel

  • Learn more about polish culture from the communist era

  • Solve family issue

  • Get beat up by a “comrade for debating”

  • Talk to a grumpy old man!

  • Make your kid happy. :)

  • Make right choices, or don’t. It’s up to you.

Game originally developed during GameJam Pokamedulski.PL 2021

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Martial Law on Steam

Astrobase Command

Astrobase Command

Salvage the remnants of your civilization by starting anew in uncharted space, with a small crew and the beginnings of an Astrobase. Grow your base by constructing modules on all three axes, put out fires both literal and metaphorical, and send characters with real personalities and emotions on non-linear text-based adventures across a procedural galaxy.

The only mode is ironman and every section, module, deck and crew member added to your Astrobase comes with implicit risks and reward, so choices matter. How long can you keep from succumbing to the dangers of space?

  • Grow - Expand your Astrobase in all three directions.

  • Nurture - Build a home for your crew and their daily lives

  • Design - Layout the Astrobase to counter crises such conduit leaks, compartment failures, explosions, fires, personnel issues, and more

The Astrobase can be constructed along three axes. Your crew can expand the base by building modules or contract it by salvaging them. They can add or remove functionality by building up or tearing down sections in the modules. They can even build ships that lets you explore the galaxy.

You choose what to build and when to build it. The crew needs to rest and they need to breathe, do you rush the construction of the Enlisted Quarters or the Air Pump first? What’s the optimal placement of the new module? Is it better to have the Plasma Reactor closer to storage or to the crew’s quarters? Keep the station well maintained and stocked with supplies or disastrous consequences may result.

  • Characters - Your crew make their own decisions as they interact with each other and the world around them.

  • Full AI lifecycle - They work, eat, sleep, use the bathroom, relax, and socialize all as part of their daily lives.

  • Morale - Your crew can get exhausted, or suffer from low morale which affects the quality of their lives and how they perform tasks.

  • Relationships - Your crew form personal, professional, and romantic relationships. The relationships can be either positive or negative based on how their personalities and actions align.

Your crew live their own lives on the Astrobase. They have things to do and people to meet. Exactly how well they perform depends on how good they fit into their job, what adventures they’ve had, and what horrors they have survived; even how well matched they are with their peers matters, some will become romantic partners while others become bitter work rivals.

You will run into stumbling blocks, maybe your crew is exhausted because you’ve pushed them too hard, or low morale makes slacking off more enticing, or maybe Jenkins and Rodriguez spend too much time arguing while the Fission Reactor goes critical. Figure out your problems and fix them!

  • Explore - Build and dispatch ships across the galaxy to explore planets, fight killbots, extract resources, and interact with other civilizations.

  • Delegate - The ranking officer of each ship will make decisions based on their personality, and take recommendations from their team.

  • Overrule - Change the decisions in the logs they send back, or let them make their own mistakes.

The procedural adventures of the crew assigned to your ships can be read and interacted with in the logs they send back. Carefully handpick the crew for each ship you send out. Monitor their progress or leave them to their own fate. Whatever you choose to do, the outcomes of their adventures will be felt in what resources they get, what injuries they suffer, and in how it changes their emotional state.

  • Assign - Choose the best person for each job based on their stats, personalities, and over 50 different skills.

  • Manage - Prioritize tasks, clear task blockers, optimize the routes that the crew take during their day.

  • Observe - Calculate resource depletion and stay on top of tasks to prevent the reactors from exploding, the conduits leaking, and compartments failing,

The desk is where you design the Astrobase into a functioning home for your crew, promote leaders, manage tasks, monitor resource consumption, read reports from your ships and give them your input.

Running the station means manning your desk. Be efficient, and use your time wisely or take a break and play some Asteroid Shooter.

  • Individuality - Characters maintain emotional memory, and experience psychological growth over time depending on how results align with expectations.

  • Expression - Each character’s personality is expressed in their conversations, thoughts, and ship log entries

  • Story - Over 100 personality traits and 42 intertwined emotions combine to author narratives that reflect how the crew are actually thinking and feeling.

The Astrobase’s crew will have conversations with each other, or insights about their lives. Crew members join the Astrobase with revealed personality traits that drive the emotions that effect their job suitability, choices and actions. More traits become unlocked as they experience emotional growth.

Ensure that your crew’s psychological needs are met and they have the ability to grow as people. When you’re processing recruit applications you’ll want to keep an eye out for personalities that might clash with your existing crew, or will be compatible and create lasting friendships.

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Astrobase Command on Steam



Defentron is a pretty relaxing game, despite being a tower defense. The retro look and sound are well done and suitably nostalgic, without needing to rely on gratuitous particle effects, waves, or flashes like some other retro games or genres like to use. The different types of towers all have fun and unique properties, and the enemy variety and additions from stage to stage kept me thinking a good amount, rather than finding one strategy I liked and just using that on everything.

Being able to power up a given turret in a pinch was cool too, but if I have one criticism about that mechanic’s game balance, it’s that it feels necessary to use that function on the basic turrets (at least for the early game), which destroys them afterwards, and it felt like a bit of a waste. That is, instead of trying to plan out placement or turret types to counter different contingencies, I felt like I had to budget my resources to account for “necessary losses” rather than just “acceptable losses,” which made it feel less like a puzzle game at those parts, and more like the traditional gratuitous enemy spam TD games that I don’t like nearly as much as this one.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

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Defentron is a fun tower defense, and certainly a challenging one. Many levels can really get you stuck until you figure out the right sequence of towers and upgrades to buy, but that difficulty gives the game a lot more longevity and replayability, specially if you are going to try and complete all achievments.

It took me 14 hours to complete everything the game had to offer, which I feel is a good value for the pricetag

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Defentron on Steam

Slumber Clause

Slumber Clause

Slumber Clause is a roleplaying, point-and-click throwback to the classic text adventures of the 80s and 90s with modern choice mechanics and a character-driven story about nightmares, death, and ephemera—all in glorious 4:3.

Play as a recently-widowed paramedic mom battling a mean case of sleep paralysis. When you’re not trying to hold your waking life together, you’re navigating surreal dreams of unspeakable beauty and endless possibilities that always seem to end in tragedy. All the while, a hooded figure stalks you. Collect clues to discover who they are and what they want.

Slumber Clause will be released episodically using Steam’s Early Access system, with pricing for the entire game increasing when each new episode is added.


  • Customize your mom with a text-based character creator.

  • Swap between modern and classic user interfaces.

  • Make choices that change the outcome of a novel-length story.

  • Choose wisely or it may be game over.

  • Take a closer look at the world with investigate and conversation mechanics.

Slumber Clause on Steam

Linda & Joan

Linda & Joan

Linda & Joan is a forthcoming narrative game about a British family. You play as Russell, Linda, and Joan — son, mother, and grandmother — switching between them to help the family cope with a series of traumatic events. Based on a true story.

The main game is scheduled for release in 2022. It will be part two of the Linda & Joan story. Part one is Prologue: “Four Months Earlier” which is available now.

Players experience the events from the perspectives of Russell, Linda, and Joan through exploration, conversation, and tasks designed to give emotional insight into the themes of caregiving, dying, bereavement, and homeland.

What sets Linda & Joan apart from other branching-narrative experiences is that while the player has many choices to make, nothing can change the core events that follow — there is only one ending.

However, actions, dialogue choices, and task completion, do affect the characters’ perception of events. By spending time with happier memories, taking care of themselves, and choosing the right things to say to each other, the characters — and therefore the player — will find themselves able to deal with the impossible.

The characters’ emotional states will be graphically represented in the game. The player will have to carefully balance the needs of the characters to progress, sometimes requiring difficult zero-sum tradeoffs.

These mechanisms attempt to mirror the real-life feeling of being powerless in the face of looming trauma, when you realize that no decision can affect the outcome, but you can affect how you and others feel about it.

Even when life’s story feels like it’s on rails, we still have some power over our own realities. There is still room for dignity, compassion, honesty. For fear and for love. There is a time for self-care. There is a time for duty. The choices we make will define the memories we hold for the rest of our lives.

Linda & Joan on Steam

Movie Actor Trivia

Movie Actor Trivia

**How well do you know your favorite Movie Actors?

Test Your Movie Knowledge in Movie Actor Trivia!**

Movie Trivia has never been so much fun. Choose from the most popular movie actors and actresses in Hollywood, including Bill Murray, Brad Pitt, Denzel Washington, Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock, Steve Martin, Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks and Will Smith. Challenge yourself or have a movie trivia night with friends and family in Party Mode! If that’s not enough, give the wheel challenge a spin!

Movie Actor Trivia includes 9 of Your Favorite Hollywood Movie Actors and Actresses:

  • Bill Murray

  • Brad Pitt

  • Denzel Washington

  • Julia Roberts

  • Sandra Bullock

  • Steve Martin

  • Tom Cruise

  • Tom Hanks

  • Will Smith


  • Includes 9 of your Favorite Movie Actors and Actresses.

  • High Quality Graphics.

  • Party Mode (2-4 players locally).

  • Family Friendly.

  • Fun for all ages.

So what are you waiting for? Download it now and start playing Movie Actor Trivia!

Movie Actor Trivia on Steam

Dirty Land

Dirty Land

Dirty Land is a game about real estate, crime, and desperation, inspired by classic sales movies of the 80s and 90s.

Step into the shoes of Frank Marsh, a newly hired salesman for Pure Sky Properties, a real estate office where coffee is for closers and the status quo is hawking swamp land to unsuspecting buyers for a tidy profit. Will you cast aside your ethics for a quick buck, or will you take the high road and find a way to scrape by honestly?

Something New Every Day

Welcome to your new job. At the start of every day, you begin out front of an unassuming, drab strip mall, where Pure Sky Properties is tucked away. Every day brings new characters to meet, new events to experience, and new stories to be told. What will it be tomorrow?

Choose a Lead, Go on a Sit, and Close ‘em!

These are the new leads. You’ll probably close one of your leads today, but can you close two leads a day? You’re gonna need some caffeine for that. But you know what salesmen say about coffee… you better prove your worth if you want that cup of joe!

Every day you’ll have chances to make a sale. Learn what they like, study their habits, memorize what you can about them, and get them to sign on the line which is dotted!

The Birth of a Salesman

You are Frank Marsh. You’ve made a mistake that has ruined your family. You can’t change your past, but you can change your future!

Will you take the high road and stick to your principles, or take the low road and chase the easy money? Whichever path you take, you’ll discover multiple endings based on the choices you’ve made and whether you succeed or fail in those choices.

On top of those choices, you’ll need to balance your family life with your work life. Will you be a model father and go home and play with your kids? Or will you go out on another sit and close that elusive buyer? Go too far down one path and there will be consequences… your choice will change Frank’s story - at work and at home.

Make Friends First, Sales Second

An office is a place where dreams come true. A place to meet lively new people. A sociopathic manager. An elusive owner. An opportunistic coworker out to steal your money. A flamboyant salesman with no concept of failure. A seductive hairdresser. An intrepid drycleaner. A neglected wife. A pair of dumb mob thugs. A ripped-off customer. A brutal detective. A homeless derelict with clues to a mystery. A rival firm across the street. And many more…

Always Be Closing

The money is out there. All you gotta do is reach out and grab it! How many leads can you pitch and sell? Can you bag the top leads? Will you take advantage of easy prey, or tackle deals with honor?

Play the Sleuth

Do I have your attention? Good. Because it’s not just sales numbers that you need to keep your eye on. You need to keep your wits about you, because in an office full of backstabbers, anything can and will happen. Including the surreal!

Clearly you’ve been framed. But by who?

Solve Murder Mysteries

In a desperate world you’ll meet desperate people. Dangerous people. People who will do anything to make rent. To not get fired. To make that promotion. To secure those juicy leads. From unsavory characters to hilarious charmers, they all have secret motives to uncover… you’ll need to gather clues and piece together the truth to gain the upper hand in this double-crossing world!

Everyone is a suspect! Especially you!

And this murder won’t be the only one…

Dirty Land on Steam

Healing Movement

Healing Movement

⠄⠄⠄⠄⣠⣴⣿⣿⣿⣷⣦⡠⣴⣶⣶⣶⣦⡀⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄it’s good

⠄⠄⠄⣴⣿⣿⣫⣭⣭⣭⣭⣥⢹⣟⣛⣛⣛⣃⣀⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄Play it

⠄⣠⢸⣿⣿⣿⣿⢯⡓⢻⠿⠿⠷⡜⣯⠭⢽⠿⠯⠽⣀⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄⠄Christmas started








Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Taught me how love.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Healing Movement on Steam

Helium Electric

Helium Electric

A brief introduction

The story is set in the Cold War of the 1980s, in which humanity was blindly drawn into the Cold War without realizing that this insane endeavor was causing a shortage of resources. Until it came to a near standstill.

Corporations took control of the action and found new ways to supply the world with necessities. The Cold War became more and more a corporate struggle. Over time, one company proved particularly successful.

Helium Electric had found a way to mine helium on the moon and convert it to electricity on Earth. Earth’s future seemed assured, but at a very high price….


Helium Electric is a hard strategy game in which the player finds himself alone in a Moon station and has the mission to extract helium.

The goal is to achieve the highest possible helium mining rate and you are free to decide how to manage the station.

Depending on the amount of helium extracted, you get a daily payment to support your family and friends on Earth.

If you don’t, your relatives will suffer, your stress level will increase, and your mental health will decrease.

Once the player has reached a total helium mining amount of 25 tons, the contract with the Helium Electric corporation has been fulfilled and you can count on a position in the corporation if you perform well.

However, in order to achieve this goal, the player’s physical and mental health must be kept in mind. You are alone in the station and no one can help you.


The technology at your command is the latest from 1986.

The game is controlled with the dashboard by either entering commands with the mouse or keyboard. Several unmanned vehicles are coordinated and you only have a certain amount of time per day before the daily dose of radioactive radiation becomes too high.

There are:

  • 6 harvesters - Extraction of raw helium from Moon dust

  • 1 drone - Scan helium concentration, vehicles and the station

  • 1 recovery vehicle - Tow surface vehicles in the event of a failure

  • 2 satellites - Scan Moon surface and vehicle movement

After a work day you have the possibility to retreat to a recovery room below the lunar surface. Furthermore there is a communication system at your command. Of course all extra expenses will be charged.

It is up to you to complete the mission successfully.

Helium Electric on Steam

Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll

Love, Money, Rock’n’Roll


Nikolai, the son of two soviet engineers and a normal Japanese student, has no idea his world will soon be turned over. The familiar and dear will clash with the grim ghosts of the past in his soul. Now Nikolai will have to decide whom can he really trust and find out why those with power and money have taken an interest in him, the lives of average people insignificant to them.


Himitsu is Nikolai’s childhood friend. She is kind, caring, she always worries for him, sometimes even too annoyingly so. But is simple friendship really enough for her? Perhaps, the years of devotion earned her something more?

Catherine is Nikolai’s ex-girlfriend who left Japan about a year before the beginning of the game’s events. Their parting wasn’t the prettiest, and Nikolai still carries quite uncomfortable memories about it. Perhaps he would have forgotten them with time, but Catherine suddenly returns and, moreover, transfers into his class. Why did she return? Does she still love him? Does he still love her?

Ellie is the granddaughter of the board chairman of the school Nikolai goes to. She is a self-willed, proud girl and thinks highly of herself, but cannot be said to lack ardour. Is everything really as simple as it looks at the first glance, or is there more than meets the eye behind the image of a spoiled young lady?

Kagome is the representative of Nikolai’s class. He has never paid attention to her before, but a certain sequence of events makes them come to know each other. Kagome isn’t loved in the school, and she isn’t really burning with desire to become friends with anyone either. Is there a reason for her behaviour? What hides behind the facade of a simple unsociable girl? What secrets does she hide?

Main features

  • Four heroines, each with her own story and several possible endings

  • Over 100 backgrounds and over 100 event CGs

  • 3,5+ hours of music

  • Unity3D as the game engine

  • Over 400 000 words in the script

  • Fully animated background and character sprites

  • Multiplatform (including web- and mobile versions)

Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll on Steam