A classic-style beat em up made by a small team. Impressive! I enjoyed the three heroes and great variety of enemies. They looked realistic; almost like digitized actors. The music was catchy, and stages were fun. The cutscenes with the reporter, hero, and the ending were a nice touch. I felt it could use voices for landing hits, continue, difficulty setting, and maybe free lives, But well done on this indie game.

Real player with 4.4 hrs in game

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Brawler on Steam

Double Dragon: Neon

Double Dragon: Neon

A fun, absurdist beat ‘em up with some glaringly rough edges. Neon is one of the better beat ‘em ups out there, peppered with jokes lampooning its own franchise as well as the ’80s in general, counterbalanced by some irritatingly sloppy pieces. Namely all its cutscenes, ending, and 8 company logos being unskippable. Since so much of the humor is based on novelty, there are a lot of diminishing returns that just aren’t designed for these drawn out, repeat viewings… which the game is centered around with a stat-grinding system.

Real player with 20.0 hrs in game

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I’ve read and heard many criticisms about this game and do not quite understand them. I will try and address them and give my opinion as to why this is probably one of the top three Double Dragon games.


Solid art design, although some of the enemies are a bit more cartoony than previous DD designs, the colors, backgrounds, animations and effects are pretty solid. The game mixes 3D models with the occasional 2D background object, The alley level is particularly nice. Varied environments and enemies with vibrant colors.

Real player with 17.4 hrs in game

Double Dragon: Neon on Steam

Retro Classix: Bad Dudes

Retro Classix: Bad Dudes

Classic arcade beat’em’up - fully ported with 2player capabilities, ninja punching nostalgia and the ability to feed in coins for lives without loosing all your pocket money… this time…

Real player with 5.2 hrs in game

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The real Double Dragon 3, as far as I’m concerned. This game is a ton of fun and legendarily cheesy. For my ninja game fix, I personally prefer this over the Shinobi series.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

Retro Classix: Bad Dudes on Steam



Just finished this amazing little game. My total playthrough was just under 4 hours, but that’s just the time you need to play through the game to completion. To ace the minigames and get all the achievements, you’d need to put in double or triple that. I’m not a massive achievement hunter, so I’ll take my 4 hours and bow out gracefully.

Without spoiling this game too much, it’s a story that many of us who grew up in the 70s and 80s know all too well. We were kids at a point where the technology curve was a sheer cliff. Only the minds of kids could comprehend the changes, and the adults were left standing. Those of us who yearned for sci-fi worlds of AI and Robots, space travel, dungeon delving were utterly misunderstood by our parents and told to stop daydreaming… And then came computers.. Suddenly you didn’t just read about it in the comics or (if you were lucky) books… Now you could actually go there! Just a 5 minute tape load, or a 10p inserted into an arcade machine was all that separated you from the mundane world of impending nuclear war, urban decay, hyperinflation and riots. Suddenly you were in another world, escapism at the time when we needed escapism the most. And this game tells that story, through the eyes of someone living through it, experiencing the loneliness of constantly looking out at the horizon and thinking “This can’t be all there is! There must be more!”. A chance walk, a turn, and suddenly you find yourself surrounded by portals into other worlds, and you have a handful of keys to the portals in your pocket.

Real player with 3.9 hrs in game

198X takes an arcade game time capsule from the 1980s and brings it to life through superb pixel art, awesome music, and amazing story-telling. Sure, it might be short overall, with completion time anywhere around 1.5-2 hours estimated, but the experience is quite a blast.

Take a trip down memory lane with very (and I mean very) forgiving retro-style (look, feel, the whole deal) arcade games recreated with so much love and attention found within this title. The game recreates five different styles of games with a really unique and fun gameplay element in each one, so no wonder this game claims to not just be this or that, in its really enticing trailer.

Real player with 2.3 hrs in game

198X on Steam

Ninja Specialist

Ninja Specialist

Ninja Specialist is a classic brawler created out of love of all things 80s. In the game, you take the role of the titular Ninja Specialist, Joe Kage, who had retired as the world’s deadliest assassin following the death of his comrades under mysterious circumstances. As the ghosts of the pasts return to haunt him, Joe will be forced to once again step into the spotlight and regain his ninja skills in order to unravel the secrets of the shadowy Ninja Empire. It is up to you to face these ruthless opponents in the only way ninja from back in the day knew how—head on!

Ninja Specialist on Steam

Anti Frank’s Wrath

Anti Frank’s Wrath

Anti Frank is unleashing his wrath on the universe! Play by yourself or with a few friends locally to take down hoards of zombies and stop Anti Frank! Play as one of four unique characters and buy new upgrades and weapons as you rid the universe of zombies.

Anti Frank’s Wrath is a top-down arcade shoot-em up based in the futuristic 1980’s. It supports 4 player local co-op (or steam remote play).

Anti Frank's Wrath on Steam

Bloody Paws: Passion Unleashed

Bloody Paws: Passion Unleashed

Really great little beat ‘em up! Starts getting pretty tricky after a while

! and the ending’s pretty lackluster rn, though (But hey: It’s Early Access, everything’s subject to change/improvement)

Definitely worth the $5 and I’m looking forward to seeing how this one develops!

For some more detailed feedback & suggestions:

Real player with 16.2 hrs in game

Wonderful game :)

Real player with 12.1 hrs in game

Bloody Paws: Passion Unleashed on Steam

Blue fencer Resurrection

Blue fencer Resurrection

A 2D action game featuring the Action editor hero “Yashiyu”.

The castle of Demon King Santa has 8 stages full of powerful enemies.

Invincible dash slash, powerful slash, 6 types of sub weapons.

Make full use of various techniques to overcome the magic castle.

== STORY ==

The mysterious Demon King descended from the other world and led a powerful army to conquer the earth. Many races surrendered to the Demon King and those that resisted were mercilessly exterminated. When everyone was about to give up hope…….without any warning, a brave man appeared.

‘My name is Yasiyu……..’

The blue-haired man left that alone and set out.

The Demon King, who was about to unite the earth, was praying in the temple.

‘Come or Yasiyu let’s settle this.’

Putting an end to the repeated fate, that was also the purpose of the Demon King.

He is the star of hope, the one who saves the earth, the one who is destined to be a brave man. In the eyes of the demons he is a hardcore executioner.

== Game systems ==

The hero consumes SP when he uses the technique.

SP will recover over time.

The main character’s HP decreases when it is attacked by an enemy.

If HP becomes 0, it will be a mistake.

If the hero makes a mistake, HP and SP will increase.

Even people who are not good at action can clear it if they try without giving up.

If you make a mistake, the score you get will decrease, and the score will decrease over time.

Action gamers who are confident in their arms should aim for no mistakes and speed clearing.

== Controls ==

It supports Xinput and DirectInput gamepads, but menu display and shutdown can only be operated with the keyboard.

Please delete the recorded replay from Explorer.

Please select joystick movement in the controller settings.

Blue fencer Resurrection on Steam

Fallen City Brawl

Fallen City Brawl

Brawl through the city in hard-hitting pixel art style inspired by arcade classics!

As a brutal battle for control of Fallen City’s criminal underworld rages, four strangers join forces to survive and reclaim the streets! With a ferocious wolf at their sides, these unlikely allies will face impossible odds. Along the way, motivations and past lives will collide, further testing their loyalty as well as their fighting skills. Only by binding together can they reach the final showdown that will decide who lives and who falls.

Inspired by arcade beat ’em ups of the late ’80s and early ’90s, Fallen City Brawl is a story of ambition and revenge told through intense side-scrolling pixel art action. Huge sprites and animated backgrounds breathe life into the dying city streets, while fighting mechanics offer uncommon depth with destructive combos, counters, air-throws, grappling, parries, special moves and “RIOT” supers! Animated cutscenes and a powerful soundtrack by famed composer Daniel Lindholm set the tone for urban mayhem, playable solo or with friends in local co-op!


  • Fight through 8 stages of arcade-inspired action!

  • Choose between 4 playable characters.

  • Execute combos and specials with deep hand-to-hand combat mechanics.

  • Pick up weapons like pipes, bats, knives, firearms, oil drums, chainsaws and more!

  • Clear the screen with special attacks by upgradeable mercenary backup.

  • Battle it out solo or with friends in local co-op.

  • Command a wolf companion or unleash him and watch the carnage!

  • Get in the mood for mayhem with a soundtrack by Daniel Lindholm.

Fallen City Brawl on Steam

Biscuitts 4

Biscuitts 4

Reminds me of Double Dragon meets a cartoon from yesteryear, a fun, silly romp!

Real player with 0.6 hrs in game

I enjoyed the gameplay is simple and casual but most of all the art. It was so cool to feel like you are in an old cartoon. I will keep on playing it to move to the other levels.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Biscuitts 4 on Steam