The experience was both fun and messed up, but rough around a few edges. Also, there are some hidden things in the game, even though I didn’t manage to find them.

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

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Recommended ONLY for fans of 80’s Slashers and the indie horror genre.

Well, I finished it. You’re an idiot who ordered a bear rug for six thousand dollars and you didn’t get it in a timely manner, so you drive out with your

! trigger-happy wife to the business you ordered it from and proceed to break and enter to get that bear rug. Takes maybe forty-five minutes to an hour and twenty if you go in blind, I think. Learning enemy patterns, figuring out what buttons open what and where to go next.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game


Gazmatera 2 America’s Least Wanted

Gazmatera 2 America’s Least Wanted

From the creator of Gazmatera: Return Of The Generals!

Greetings, folks!

Remember the “generals” from 1988 in the first game?

But now is only years 1984-1986.

Find out the long story, about how the famous “generals” met and appeared in the new third-person shooter from Victor “LVL90DRU1D” Gazmanoff and his Kalifas!

Take control of four survivors, Jeff, Kayla, Helga and Emina!

Rush through 15 breathtaking levels and find out how the fate of the heroes formed!

-15 big and cool designed levels, i can say it twice

-cutscenes with facial animation

-full voice acting, thanks to Gulbuddin Ivanov & Co. from Diaksor

-all levels are made in different genres

  • 4 playable characters (6, but sssshhhh)

  • soundtrack from famous bands, like:

  • Krastavi Kucheta

  • God Is War

  • Karl Gegel

  • Malisny Absurd

  • Les Bebras

  • and more

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Gazmatera 2 America's Least Wanted on Steam

Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors

Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors

Lucky me gets to write the first review for Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors. This expressive word salad of a title is certainly interesting, but unfortunately more effort was put into the title than the actual game. This is a 2D retro pixel platform brawler where you take your choice of retro pixel “warrior” and bash up various undeads and ghosts and things through traditional 2D retro platformer hack and slash kind of stuff.

This game was launched almost 3 months ago and has zero reviews. So kudos to the developer for not using fake/compromised accounts to write fake positive reviews. I see that a lot, it’s bad. In a similar vein, while this was slapped together with the godawful abomination and insult to all that is good and right in gaming, GameMaker Studio, it’s not a template flip, that I can see. The vast majority of GMS games on Steam are simply copy+pastes of tutorials, demos and templates. It really seems they made a genuine attempt at a video game here (with 54 different sprites to choose from and 69 levels, apparently), they just didn’t really know how to or have the budget to hire proper developers. A+ for effort, though.

Real player with 4.0 hrs in game

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Urizen Frosty Plus The New Warriors on Steam

The Spy Who Shrunk Me

The Spy Who Shrunk Me

Last level is a great example “How to make cool game and destroy it with final level”.

Optimization sucks and even though my PC can run game correctly with (at least) stable 30 fps, there are lots of frame drops which is annoying (unless you like playing with 10 fps).

How about setting, maybe that will change something and will make the game run properly.

NOPE. Settings is imo one of the devs joke, cause it doesn’t change anything (despite the fog from tutorial seen just after start and never again). Game looks exactly the same, no matter which variant you’ve chosen.

Real player with 15.0 hrs in game

UPDATE: After getting past a couple B.S. parts (due to bugs) I’ve changed my mind about the game.

This game isn’t ready for prime time just yet, but it’s still pretty fun.

The good:

1. The shrink ray mechanic is fun! This might be a good cheap game when it’s done and all the problems are ironed out.

2. The artwork and music are good

3. Good voice acting

4. Good humor

The bad:

1. Shrink ray projectiles sometimes will literally go THROUGH the broad side of an enemy’s chest and “miss”. This is made worse by the fact that the reload time for the shrink ray is so long. If your shot goes through an alerted agent, you’re as good as dead. You can’t afford to miss any shots, even once.

Real player with 5.9 hrs in game

The Spy Who Shrunk Me on Steam



Great game. Today I have remembered what it’s like to play 16x16 and it’s really really fun. Shooting mechanics feel very smooth. Love it. I guess I understand why people still play this game.

Real player with 263.4 hrs in game














Real player with 84.6 hrs in game

Counter-Strike on Steam