A lot of Fun. Challenging Time Puzzles and a bunch of levels to explore.

Save/Load and Progress system.

Great “Comic Book” style artwork.

Family Friendly !

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

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Clocknockers on Steam



Amazing puzzle from what I’ve played, my only complaint is that you get booted to the main menu after every level, there is no restart button, and that you have to press backspace over and over, instead of being able to hold it down to undo multiple moves

Real player with 4.5 hrs in game

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Really Fun Puzzle Game thats only in Alpha!?!?!?!? Can’t wait to see how polished this gets. Highly Recommend

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Payload on Steam



DeadOS is less a game and more a really entertaining toy where you generate a city, populate it with people, and watch a zombie outbreak of your creation slowly take it over. There’s no win/loss state, and your only task is to keenly observe as zombies convert the living, civilians run in droves from the impending horde of undead, and cops create blockades around infection zones to slow the spread.

Though the graphics and presentation are simple, the scale of the simulation impressed me; up to ten thousand people can be simulated in the city. It’s oddly satisfying to watch a fleeing crowd of hundreds, abstracted as a bunch of scurrying yellow dots seen from a bird’s-eye view.

Real player with 10.9 hrs in game

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There’s no other game on PC like this. It’s already a pretty nice little sandbox game as it is now, can’t wait for all the features that come out for it over time. I completely recommend this game.

Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

DeadOS on Steam

The Final Frontier

The Final Frontier

Good game worth playing for a few hours and worth 2 dollars.

Real player with 10.6 hrs in game

The Final Frontier on Steam

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense

If you click fast enough you have a machine gun.

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

pretty terrible

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Bow & Crystal Tower Defense on Steam

Fake Racing

Fake Racing

Experienced on the Oculus Quest 2

You can view my review & gameplay here:

This game has a very unique art style which I enjoyed. Along with the visuals, the gameplay is pretty interesting as well. It’s an arcade racer, but a pretty technical racer. You have to learn the tracks in order to drift around the corners and make the turns without losing too much speed to be competitive in the race.

There’s only 4 tracks currently and 2 of them are locked until you beat the tournament mode. There’s only one vehicle. There’s quick race and tournament mode available to play. There is no difficulty setting, although you can set the number of laps, number of AI opponents, whether to use slow-down (I think this may be a sort of difficulty setting where the speed of everyone is slowed down, including yourself). You can also choose to start the track going the opposite direction (doesn’t really add much variety though).

Real player with 1.0 hrs in game

It has to be said ‘Fake Racing’ is a weird one. With its ‘pixel-perfect 1-bit renderer’ and ‘half a car’ style in VR it seems as cheaply put together as indie games come. But yet…I found myself having more fun than I would like to admit. The hands-on-steering does take a while to get used to, but in the end, I was enjoying the handful of tracks as well as the tournaments. Heck, I even found myself able to drift-slide around some of the corners which felt great in VR. Having said that VR is clearly a bolt-on here and I feel the game does need to be cheaper given the lack of content. But I did have a few smiles, so I will give it a very cautious thumbs up.

Real player with 0.2 hrs in game

Fake Racing on Steam

Neon Cyborg Cat Club

Neon Cyborg Cat Club

I leave it on all the time for the music and because it adds some nice ambience to my room.

Real player with 66.5 hrs in game

This is great to have one a second monitor with headphones on while working on something.

It’s even got it’s own dystopian plot to go along with it.


Real player with 6.9 hrs in game

Neon Cyborg Cat Club on Steam

Shadow Gangs

Shadow Gangs


I met the developer of Shadow Gangs a decade ago on a Retro forum. He first started this project back in 2015, as a Kickstarter campaign which unfortunately was cancelled.

He knew that I was loved the arcade version of Shinobi, and was very good at it.

Imagine my surprise when he asked me to be a beta tester and give feedback; what an honour and privilege.


Firstly, let me just say that this game is absolutely spectacular!!! Not only does this live up to my perceived expectations, but far exceeds them by a long shot.

Real player with 445.1 hrs in game

If you don’t like old school games and don’t have a knack for giving your best in accomplishing a challenge then Shadow Gangs isn’t for you. Only the elite members of the Hall Of Kage can acquire such an unbeatable task but if you dare to give it your all maybe….just maybe, you shall stand among the legends and say I am a Shadow Gang Master!

~Step Up And Test Your Skills~

Real player with 125.4 hrs in game

Shadow Gangs on Steam



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“The last thing you hear before being exploded by an angry monkey? Ba-BOOM”

Some of you have never played Concept Software’s Alien which was released for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC in 1984. For the most part, I suspect most of you have not played Concept Software’s Alien directly because it was released for the Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, and Amstrad CPC in 1984. But! Despite its near 40-year lifespan and the now-archaic hardware it calls home, I might offer the argument that you’ve been missing out. In fact, screw it, I will! It’s frankly amazing what that game manages to do with so little, and how hard it works on being an authentic companion piece to the seminal film it shares its name with.

Real player with 2.6 hrs in game

Apparently this is a remake from a really old C64/spectrum game, and they made a great job on the graphics and music.

Nothing is explained but once you get the gist of it, it’s about moving from room to room and switching characters to do actions and guess where the alien is, pretty cerebral, slow and frankly archaic. This was acceptable in the very early 80s, on the first 8 bit computers, but difficult to recomend today unless you’re really hardcore nostalgic.

I might not be the target audience

Real player with 0.4 hrs in game

Insanium on Steam

RADical ROACH: Infinity

RADical ROACH: Infinity

The RADical irradiated little bug is BACK!!!

A Uniquely Radicalized Adventure Every Flight!

RADicalROACH: Infinity is a rogue-lite fast paced arcadey cucaracha deep space shooter. Play as the tiny 2inch hero once again and spit your way through to outer space and the Abyss to reach and destroy the beings that lurk at the edges of time.

Spit Glands: Utilize a variety of drool dripping Spit types. Unlock many different ways to spit on your enemies causing all kinds of corrosive problems for your invert nemesis.

Bile Glands: When spitting acidic juices at those in your way just isn’t enough, power up and release the explosive cauldron of energy from below with the multiple Bile types you can acquire.

Black Holes: Use the fabric of the universe to slow time and bring the speed of battle down to your advantage, then, at your will release its power eliminating all in its path.

Radicalizations, Perks & Modifiers: Between each level change the course of this galactic expedition by choosing one of a selection of randomised Perks & Radicalizations. Some modifiers will help and others will hinder ye' little roachs progress towards his goals of vengeance.

Game Modes: Multiple extra game modes to compliment the main campaign, from score chasing madness, splatting flies and an epic battle against a seemingly unsurmountable foe.

RADical ROACH: Infinity on Steam