TAD: That Alien Dude

TAD: That Alien Dude

Great Speedgame!!

Real player with 16.4 hrs in game

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Fantastic experience. Great gameplay combined with awe-inspiring voice acting and minimalistic graphics clash together in this magnum opis of a game. On the outside TAD appears to be your ordinary AAA gaming experience, but upon closer inspection the game can be compared to a regular “Clockwork Orange” or “Gone with the Wind” in terms of sheer storytelling and eye candy. TAD: That Alien Dude defines what it means to be a gamer, games like this are what keep me from abandoning the gaming community entirely. The lack of tutorials give the gamer a more cut-throght experience, similar to cup-bread or dark shoals. Minimalistic graphics allow the gamer to focus more upon the machanics then the graphics

Real player with 1.6 hrs in game

TAD: That Alien Dude on Steam

Psi 5 Trading Company

Psi 5 Trading Company

Command your ship through an edge-of-your-seat adventure in the 35th Century.

Summon your management skills and man the bridge. The physical and economic survival of the Psi 5 Trading Company is in your hands.

You must first choose your cargo and course through the Parvin Frontier. Then select the best crew possible from a cast of human and nonhuman characters. As you take command of your space freighter on its perilous voyage, your challenge will be to command the mission by successfully managing your resources and allocating task assignments to your crew. As captain of the Space Freighter, you must constantly delegate authority throughout the mission. With space outlaws on the horizon, what do you repair first - the defense shields or your weapons?

If you’re ripe for a stiff challenge and feel comfortable in the role of Space Freighter Captain, your ship just came in.

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Psi 5 Trading Company on Steam

Starship Survivor

Starship Survivor

Starship Survivor is a thrilling cooperative first-person shooter set onboard the ISS Genesis Four. You and your team have been sent in to investigate lost communications from the orbiting starship when it becomes apparent that the ships AI systems created by the evil corporation Volkh have gone rogue. It’s down to you and your team to take the fight to the enemy, destroy the Volkh, and reclaim the ship.

It’s just you and your team. Can you survive the onslaught and restore peace?

• Intense Combat

Fight your way through hordes of enemies alone or with a team of up to 4 players. Level up your character and become stronger, faster and more dangerous.

• Ship Management

Repair, upgrade and maintain your ships life support system.

• RPG Gameplay

Aquire energy and upgrades your ships systems. Generate more power and upgrade your characters with a diverse range of upgrades and perks.

• Discover

Find interesting easter eggs, complete objectives and find out more about the ship’s crew.

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Starship Survivor on Steam

Abduction Bit

Abduction Bit

I like this game because it has a very simple 80s platform style. It reminded me of an 80s platformer called Hunky Egg (which apparently was a rip off of Chunky Egg). It’s basic gaming before games were simulations. It’s certainly not near the best of it’s genre. But it’s fun and annoying with it’s demands for precision in your jumps. Well gamers under 35 want to play such a game? I’m not sure. Actually I’m not sure how many over 35 would want to play such a game

One reviewer said it’s buggy. It’s more a case of every jump has to be perfect down to the milimetre while timing baddies perfectly, which is very frustrating. You die very easily in this game. I had to forget playing the game at any type of pace because of this if I wanted to progress. Like 80s games once you’re out of lives you start again at the very beggining. Which is also annoying. Because I probably will never finish it.

Real player with 22.7 hrs in game

This is great little gem for fans of the golden age of arcade games. Particularly those early Nintendo releases(Donkey Kong, Popeye, Mario Bros.), as this is heavily modeled after those games. You can expect simple gameplay, high difficulty, and a surprisingly large amount of replayability. There are two packs(8-bit and 16-bit) with 20 levels each, which can be played on one of 3 difficulties. I’ve finished both packs on each difficulty, which took me about a month to get all the achievements(granted, I was juggling 3 other games at the same time). It’ll keep you busy for longer than you would expect.

Real player with 7.7 hrs in game

Abduction Bit on Steam

Zyxia: Neon Termination

Zyxia: Neon Termination

Control the cool, steel body of The Zyxterminator to terminate wave after retrowave of space spawn in rad, bombastic style. Unleash an arsenal of weaponry to eliminate your foes while you discover secrets and complete bonus objectives to maximize your bounty payout.

Early Access

Zyxia: Neon Termination will have an active content cycle, bringing new stages, weapons, and secrets on a bi-weekly basis for 6 months after launch!


Join the discord server: https://discord.gg/tfCvE2b

Zyxia: Neon Termination on Steam



In B.I.O.T.A., take control of a commando unit sent to investigate a mining colony that ceased all communication. Survive in 10 completely different environments packed with mutant monsters and deadly traps with the help of a multitude of guns and various crafts, including a mech, a sub and a starship.


It’s year 21XX. You command the Gemini 2 team - a commando unit made up of tough war veterans commissioned by the V-corp, a mega mining corporation. Your task: shed light on strange events that are happening on Frontier Horizon - a small isolated asteroid squeezed in between Mars and Jupiter, and housing a mining station owned by the V-corp.

A new biological organism recently found on the surface of the asteroid, known as “the agent” is able to interact with every element of an ecosystem and change it at its will, taking full control of the organisms. Most of the mineworkers have mutated into horrible monsters, and the scientific team who made this discovery has taken refuge in the tunnels below Frontier Horizon.

Take control of the Gemini II squad by choosing your favourite hero from 8+ and swapping them as needed during this adventure. Explore the sprawling Gemini complex, now home to hostile alien life forms, a multitude of trap-filled corridors, and use all the tools at your disposal - including a bipedal fully-armed mech, offensive submarine and a starfighter class spaceship, among others.

The Retro

All the charm of retro gaming (with breathing signified by two pixels shifting) with the modern-day convenience of saving anywhere, the ability to swap palettes at any time, and a tune so chippy you’ll want to add it to a mixtape for your friends

The Look

Choose your favorite palette from more than 60 available 4-color styles for the most authentic retro feel, and swap each palette as you see fit in the glorious 8-bit visuals

The Aliens

Fight 40+ vicious degenerated monsters from simple, but huge mutated hornets, armed shield sentries to lethal infecting xenoshifters

The Guns

Utilize numerous upgrades and unique unlockable weapons for each character to find the one that suits you the most - be it a sniper-friendly high powered rifle, buckshot loaded shotgun and powerful hand cannon

The Stress Relief

Stress-free rescue system; rest assured that at any moment of the adventure a dedicated key will allow you to save the game and virtually never have to repeat parts already completed

The Exploration

Features a many variations to the classic on-foot gameplay: while exploring you will be able to control a submarine, pilot a mech, a shuttle, jump into a chasm and swing on a rope and pilot the mythical Pegasus, the Gemini II team’s ship

B.I.O.T.A. on Steam

Neon Bricks

Neon Bricks

A classic breaking blocks game with a good stylized neon art and explosive screen shake

Real player with 2.2 hrs in game

I like arcade games. Fun and good to spend the time.

Real player with 1.9 hrs in game

Neon Bricks on Steam

Altered Destiny

Altered Destiny

(Foreword: You may ignore my playtime; I played the crap out of this upon original release. Now I’m just having a bit of fun running around the world.)

Altered Destiny is an adventure game where the player controls the character with the arrow keys and types commands with the keyboard.

There are two specific issues I want to address with this review, which could affect your decision to purchase Altered Destiny:

1. This is the inferior MS-DOS version, and not the Amiga version, which has significantly better graphics. I realise there used to be some commercial rights issues with running Amiga games via emulators. However, Amiga Forever provides a solution for selling Amiga games on PC running through emulators. Publishers like this one should look into it.

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Altered Destiny on Steam

Cyber Drive

Cyber Drive

Cyberdrive is:

Waves of enemies constantly attacking without giving you a break

Average lifespan at easy difficulty 1 minute.

Only one thing is required of you “KILL YOUR ENEMIES !!!!!”

3 different maps.

Awesome music.

3 Levels of difficulty:


Normal(Hardcore x2).

Hard(The mode was not invented by humans and is not recommended for people).

4 types of weapons.

HUGE amount of achievements.

Cyber Drive on Steam

Retro Classix: SRD - Super Real Darwin

Retro Classix: SRD - Super Real Darwin

One of the all time table top classics from the 80’s on PC! Shoot your way through enemies with different power ups to repel the invaders from Cokyo. Save the planet and top the leaderboard!


Real player with 6.3 hrs in game

Data East 3

Real player with 0.1 hrs in game

Retro Classix: SRD - Super Real Darwin on Steam