Hyposphere Z

Hyposphere Z

i can’t play the game and it says it’s running when it isn’t

Real player with 57.9 hrs in game

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good game

Real player with 6.0 hrs in game

Hyposphere Z on Steam

Coin Pusher World

Coin Pusher World

Adds a nice variety to my stream!!!

Real player with 1751.0 hrs in game

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Great game to play with your community, as a side game or even main game having a giggle with friends and seeing who can win the most with the leader boards. Who doesn’t like a coin pusher though?

Real player with 868.1 hrs in game

Coin Pusher World on Steam

Cyber Dodge

Cyber Dodge

A relaxing precision platformer that includes some 80’s style synth music. The design is simplistic but it looks cool with the different neon colors. The last level is probably where I spent most of the time playing this game, had to lose like 500 times to beat it.

For the amount of levels I would say the full price is a little too high, you can get games with much more gameplay content for 5€. On sale, it is worth it though. I would recommend getting it full price if dev decides to add more levels and maybe achievements too.

Real player with 2.5 hrs in game

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My amazing experiences was fun and cannot be described in words. Challenging at times but love see option where we could change the ball to use for cosmetic purposes. Has Tron feel and makes you think as dodge your way through simple to challenging levels. Thank you NKVN Games opportunity to demonstrate their game.

Check out some my game play here https://www.tiktok.com/@kratzy76au/video/7025721495334833410?lang=en&is_copy_url=0&is_from_webapp=v1&sender_device=pc&sender_web_id=6949349396791608833

Real player with 1.4 hrs in game

Cyber Dodge on Steam



Defentron is a pretty relaxing game, despite being a tower defense. The retro look and sound are well done and suitably nostalgic, without needing to rely on gratuitous particle effects, waves, or flashes like some other retro games or genres like to use. The different types of towers all have fun and unique properties, and the enemy variety and additions from stage to stage kept me thinking a good amount, rather than finding one strategy I liked and just using that on everything.

Being able to power up a given turret in a pinch was cool too, but if I have one criticism about that mechanic’s game balance, it’s that it feels necessary to use that function on the basic turrets (at least for the early game), which destroys them afterwards, and it felt like a bit of a waste. That is, instead of trying to plan out placement or turret types to counter different contingencies, I felt like I had to budget my resources to account for “necessary losses” rather than just “acceptable losses,” which made it feel less like a puzzle game at those parts, and more like the traditional gratuitous enemy spam TD games that I don’t like nearly as much as this one.

Real player with 16.1 hrs in game

Defentron is a fun tower defense, and certainly a challenging one. Many levels can really get you stuck until you figure out the right sequence of towers and upgrades to buy, but that difficulty gives the game a lot more longevity and replayability, specially if you are going to try and complete all achievments.

It took me 14 hours to complete everything the game had to offer, which I feel is a good value for the pricetag

Real player with 15.4 hrs in game

Defentron on Steam

Gravity Runner

Gravity Runner

An innovative platformer/runner from an indie dev. It’s fun and hard - each level ramps up the difficulty and throws some new obstacles at you. I love the aesthetics - the scenery, lighting and soundtrack set up a cool vibe.

Real player with 7.0 hrs in game

A fun neon endless runner. As you progress more mechanics get introduced and the levels become trickier - and as you fall behind things get more chaotic and difficult!

Huge fan of the cyber neon graphic style.

Real player with 6.5 hrs in game

Gravity Runner on Steam



A lot of Fun. Challenging Time Puzzles and a bunch of levels to explore.

Save/Load and Progress system.

Great “Comic Book” style artwork.

Family Friendly !

Real player with 4.1 hrs in game

Clocknockers on Steam



Cubico is a free game where you play as a ball with weird physics in a simplistic geometric world to overcome all sorts of typical platforming obstacles

My first impression after starting this was: “This feels like some kind of university project.” It then took me a few minutes to give my 15 year old gamepad a working configuration and figure out the basics. The game tried to guide me with specially colored and shaped objects most of the time. At some point though, this seemed to have failed and I was hoplessly lost and a bit bored. I then checked Leeson’s achievement guide and found out I wasn’t lost at all, I just felt lost. I also found out that this was indeed developed as a Bachelor Project.

Real player with 2.8 hrs in game

Gameplay: https://youtu.be/l_Tv2GL1kYE

Completed this one sitting. A solid, hyper stylized platformer that was a blast to play. You’re basically moving through an open world environment, terraforming different nodes to get you from a to b or deducting to get into places. The goal is to achieve a series of parts, scattered around the game world. I went into this assuming it would be a marble madness like – and when it wasn’t, I was slightly disappointed but after getting around to what the game really was, I was elated. Great job devs!

Real player with 1.3 hrs in game

Cubico on Steam

Neon Ride

Neon Ride

Neon Ride is a retro-inspired 3D platformer all about going fast while avoiding obstacles on roads set in retro-futuristic worlds.

It features 36 levels across 9 distinct environments, an immersive, original synthwave soundtrack, and Steam Trading Cards, Achievements, and Leaderboards integration.

It also features a robust level editor with complete Steam Workshop integration, so you can easily challenge your friends (and the world!) to the brutal levels you create.

Enjoy a game inspired by old-school runners like Skyroads, but with modern features and endless replayability through the Steam Workshop!

Neon Ride on Steam

Verlet Swing

Verlet Swing

If you think Verlet Swing is just some average A E S T H E T I C game you can find anywhere on the web, you’d be dead wrong. While Verlet Swing IS highly based on the aesthetic theme it’s not only that, but it’s also a great indie game. If I had to use one sentence to describe what this game is it would have to be “Vaporwave Spider-man on psychedelics”. This game has everything from black holes to flying hotdogs and it’s one experience everyone needs at least once in their lifetime. Verlet Swing is a great game to play either casually or competitive. It really depends on your preference. The gameplay is smooth and colorful, and from my experience it has the right amount of easy and hard levels. Each level is unique in its own special way and that’s what makes it so fun. There are more than enough levels to cure your boredom and if you get stuck you can always go to the community-made levels. There’s already so many levels even though the game just came out, but the custom games change the games tremendously. Not only do you have all the levels of the original game, but now you have player-created levels which in itself could be its own game. Want to make your own game? No problem. Just open Verlet and go into the editor tab. There you can use everything in the game to your disposal. It’s is a little awkward at first, but once you figure it out, the sky’s the limit! Having trouble? Flamebait games has their own discord server where you can ask questions or suggest your idea to them directly! Verlet Swing is an experience you won’t find in a very long time-maybe even ever. If you’re considering picking this game up, I definitely recommend trying it out. Being as affordable as it is, this game gives you a lot of bang for your buck. So kick back, enjoy the A E S T H E T I C, and swing to your heart’s content!

Real player with 79.7 hrs in game

tl;dr The movement is wonderful, the levels flow beautifully, and there’s a good handful of content. Don’t take this game at face value, it’s more than just the weird visuals. If you have any interest in this, definitely pick it up.

So you have spiderman, right? You get to swing all over New York at high speeds and feel awesome while doing it. You can touch the skies, glide on the ground, fling yourself through tight spaces all while feeling like an absolute badass. Take that, add some a e s t h e t i c to the mix, and you have the basic idea of Verlet Swing. This is a game all about swinging through levels and trying to get to the end, all without touching anything . If you were to condense the entire Verlet Swing experience into one sentence, that would be it… but of course it’s not that simple. Lets expand on that with a few topics:

Real player with 44.9 hrs in game

Verlet Swing on Steam

Cyber Hook

Cyber Hook

Edit 2: Last review was at 160ish hours…I am now at 280. This game is just amazing, and the community in the Discord just brings it all together. The devs are super active and there is a major update coming very soon! It’s going to make this already amazing game even better.

Edit: Uhhhhhhhh yeah it’s a really good game guys. I’ve only put a small amount of time in it since my original review…Which was about 16 hours in.

Such a smooth platformer. Simple to learn but hard to master type game. If you liked games like Cluster Truck, Mirrors edge or any other 3D platformer, you’ll love this. It really itches that scratch for a fast paced platformer.

Real player with 650.1 hrs in game


☐ You forget what reality is

☐ Beautiful

☒ Good

☐ Decent

☐ Bad

☐ Don‘t look too long at it



☐ Very good

☒ Good

☐ It‘s just gameplay

☐ Mehh

☐ Watch paint dry instead

☐ Just don’t


☐ Eargasm

☐ Very good

☒ Good

☐ Not too bad

☐ Bad

☐ I’m now deaf


☐ Kids

☐ Teens

☐ Adults

☒ All

—{PC Requirements}—

☐ Check if you can run paint

☒ Potato

☐ Decent

☐ Fast

☐ Rich boi

☐ Ask NASA if they have a spare computer


☐ Just press ‘W’

Real player with 18.1 hrs in game

Cyber Hook on Steam